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Our Dogs

We are redoing our entire website.  Personal pages for each dog will follow in a few weeks.

How We Work

We have decided to allow others to raise most of our dogs in order to keep all our dogs as beloved pets and not kennel dogs.  The dogs are kept in homes with only a few other dogs or as only dogs.  We try to keep our dog population down to less than 4 dogs, rescues and re-homing older dogs not included.   Right now I only have 3 poodles living with me, Flash, Lincoln (puppy) and Jazz (puppy).  It allows me to focus on my own dogs, have time to go on vacations and room to travel with everyone. 

 All dogs health tested before being bred with OFA hips, thyroid, SA, vWD DNA, and CERF eyes done at a bare minimum.  All studs tested NE and DM clear via DNA bloodwork.  I've recently added Elbows to my OFA test because of the agility work I do.

No female is ever intentionally bred before 2 years of age, most are not bred before 3 years.
No female has more than 3 litters for us.  Most have one-two litter in their lifetime.  All females are spayed by 6 years.

Males and most females have at least one title before being bred.  This could be in conformation (how they look), service (therapy or SAR), or working sports (obedience or agility).  All breeding poodles gain a title in something at some point, though with girls it might have to wait until they are spayed.  Coming into season causes issues with working sports and service work. 

Our boys are kept IN our home, not in a 'stud room' or 'kennel'.  Poodles are very easy to train and learn quickly what is allowed and what isn't. 

Dogs Living Here in TX in our home!

  •  "Flash"
    Karbit's Energizer OA, OAJ, CGC, TDI
    Color: Black
    DOB: Sept 2005
    SEX: Male




  •  "Mocha"
    Highview Double Mocha

    Color: Brown
    DOB: May 2011
    SEX: Female

    Growing coat for the AKC Conformation ring now!


  • "JAZZ"
    Tintlet Rhapsody in Blue
    Color: Blue
    DOB: March 2011
    SEX: Female

 Jazz was bred by my good friend Gloria Ogdahl of Tintlet Standard Poodles in North Carolina.  She had a litter of 7 girls and I just had to have one.  The sire of this girl is an AKC CH, the mom is our Bret's full sister- GiGi.  She's a pretty little girl and we have high hopes for her in obedience and agility.  She's a good worker and her tail NEVER stops!  Nothing bothers this girl, I can take her anywhere and never an issue.  A lovely little girl with great potential!

Jazz's website will be coming soon. 



Dogs Living With Others in TX

Anutta Commander and Chief
  •  "Quincy"
    Anutta Commander and Chief

    Color: Black
    DOB: Feb 2011
    SEX: Male
    Living in San Antonio with his Co-owner Heather!

    Born on President's Day!

    Son of CH Bret and CH Bree, listed to the Right.
    Half brother to River, pictured Right as well.

    Quincy was the pick boy from this litter and I am letting Heather raise this pretty boy because the two of them just hit it off and seem to make an excellent team.  They will be doing competitive Obedience and maybe Agility.  I'm excited to see how they grow as a team.


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