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I’m heading to get Jazz and River’s eye’s certified with OFA in about an hour.  Hopefully all will be normal with both dogs.   Because I can’t take my dogs to the eye vet looking scruffy, I forced myself to groom everyone this past week, now that the weather has turned warm and ‘mostly’ dry.  The mud pit that was my backyard is turning back into dirt and dead grass, so I don’t feel like I am wasting my time.  These photos were taken a few days ago when I groomed up River boy on Tuesday.   I left a bit of facial hair on him at the request of my son.   I’m not a fuzzy face lover, so I am not sure how long I will be able to stand the beard.  Thankfully River doesn’t feel the need to submerge his head while drinking, unlike Jazz and Jubilee who both leave a trail of water a mile long after a small sip.  I swear they intentionally get an extra mouth full of water so they can squeeze it out through their lips for fun.

I was also able to get Jazz done on Wednesday.  She always looks fabulous groomed up.

Tomorrow starts spring break, so updates to the blog and website will be less often.  I’m trying to get new photos of the dogs before updating their static websites.  It is a time consuming project, but eventually I will have things looking great.  I sent out a cute and funny questionnaire to everyone who is fostering or co-owning my dogs and almost everyone has returned those to me.  It will be included on each dog’s page to add a bit of humor and give you details about their personalities at the same time.  I just need to find the time to get it all finished!



If you have followed this blog for a few years, you might remember Jay, a boy from our Georgie and River litter back in 2012.  I kept Jay for a few extra months for training and to decide if I wanted to keep him for myself.  There are several videos of this boy as a puppy up on my YouTube page.  He was lovely in both body and mind.  A family from New Mexico contacted me about a Standard Poodle, and I mentioned that I was considering placing Jay due to the fact that he was related to every single dog I owned.  I couldn’t justify keeping him, even though he was wonderful.  I told them all about this lovely funny boy and before you knew it, they made a trip out to Texas to pick him up.  The rest if history!  He has fit into their home so well and gets to do all sorts of fun things.  Jay is always out hiking and running competitive races with his mom and dad.  He loves to travel and hang out with all sorts of other friendly canines.  His life is amazing and I  know I made the right choice for him.

Anyway… Jay has his own facebook page and posted there about a new adventure he had.  I wanted to share his status update on the blog:

Earned a Title in Lure Coursing ( , ) yesterday by completing the course for the third time. Yesterday I completed the second and third runs. I really like chasing just about anything, but deers and rabbits are my favorite.

After my first run I was so excited that when Maria took me over to get some water I broke loose and just had to go chase the lure again. However, it wasn’t my turn. Turns out there is a fine for interrupting another dog’s run. Maria was very embarrassed and had to pay $5 and get lectured. I heard Mark and Maria talking about the situation and they almost left without doing the second run but fortunately we stayed. Movie going up next.”

He has a video of the run on his Facebook page, but sadly unless you are his friend you cannot see the video.  Maybe his mom will post it to YouTube at some point and we can then link it back here.  After completing his three qualifying runs, he now has his Coursing Ability title!  Lure Coursing is such a fun little game to play with these dogs and I am glad Maria, Mark, and Jay have found a fun game to go play.

AKC Name: Anutta Blue Jay CA

It makes me happy to see my guys out there having a good time and supporting local dog clubs at the same time.  Events like this will not happen without people entering.  Thank you Maria, Mark, and Jay for getting out there and showing the world what amazing fun dogs Standard Poodles can be!


Nothing says love like a group of chubby babies!  These guys are little tanks and are growing like weeds.  Gloria tells me they might all be silvers or light blues.  Lots of white hairs on the bottom of their paws, as you can see from this first photo.   The pups moved to Kelsey’s home a few days ago and Ziva has settled in just fine.  She HAS to be next to her “Daddy” to have her babies, so Ziva always whelps next to the bed at Gloria and Howard’s home.  She is such a daddy’s girl!

At this point I am not taking any more deposits on this litter.  Three of the boys have wonderful homes waiting for them in FL, AL, and VA.  I have one home interested in fostering the female down in San Antonio, TX, but they are still not sure they want to show or deal with all the fostering requirements.  If they decide not to foster, they will take a boy as a pet instead and I will keep the female myself.  If, for some reason, the female is not suitable for showing and I decide to place her as a pet, I’ll update the status of the litter and contact others who are waiting on this or future litters.   I had a lot of homes wanting girls, so I’m sure one of them would be tickled to hear about a change in her status.

On the one hand I wish she would have had a few more pups to fill the demand for well bred Std Poodles.  At the same time litters of around 5 are my FAVORITE!  You can spend so much more time playing with the babies instead of cleaning up after them.  They also have enough litter mates to be socially confident with their own species.  We are excited to see how these guys continue to grow and develop.  Exciting times!!


Ziva really took her time, but the babies are here!  Gloria and Kelsey at Tintlet Standard Poodles welcomed the brood into this world starting late last night near midnight to around 6AM this morning.  You mark a litter’s birth-date as the time the first pup is born, so technically they were born yesterday.   Ziva’s earliest date was figured to be last Wednesday.  We were all taking bets on when she would have them, but none of us thought it would be well into the following week!  Because the pups had extra time to bake in the oven, they are all large, strong, with lots of vigor.   The weight range was 12-14 oz, so not a single little one in the bunch.

We have been graced with 1 dark girl and 4 dark boys for a grand total of 5 pups.  No white / cream babies were born, much to Gloria’s disappointment.  I’ve started contacting people on my waiting list and will continue to move down as I hear back from interested parties.   My waiting list was rather long, so I have no idea yet if I will have any pups available.  With that said, contact me now if you are interested in a male.  Many of my homes were only interested in girls or white / creams.  I will be keeping the only female to be a part of the future generations of Poodles here at Anutta, so she is not available for adoption.

These pups tails will be docked long to qualify them to show in AKC conformation events, but the dew claws will not be removed.  They use those little nails for everything!

Information and health testing results on the parents can be seen here:


  • Lisa Garza - They’re gorgeous! And definitely look big. That pup in the middle is so long, from the top he looks like a Weiner dog, lol!

    Can you explain what it means to “dock long?” Does that mean their little tails will get just a tiny nip or nothing at all?ReplyCancel

  • Cristine Bhaiji - I am so sad to hear you are still cutting off your puppies tails. I am sorry but there is no pro to docking and to show in AKC if it means hurting innocent puppies is not a good reason. I love dogs and abhor causing them pain. I look forward to the day when no reputable breeder would ever mutilate her precious puppies. I am sorry to sound harsh but I really do not understand how anyone can justify that this is okay. Docking is inhumane and cruel that is why it is illegal in so many countries. What is wrong with us Americans that we continue this horrific practice?ReplyCancel

As I stated last week, I’m doing a bit of house cleaning here on the blog and over at the website.  The website will take longer, as I really need to go to each page and update the content and information on all the dogs.  Many have new titles, almost all need photo updates and each page needs a detailed look at the written content to update it for our current situation.  I just noticed the ‘contact us’ section still had us listed as living in Texas.  I kept wondering why people were saying “Ok, I’m confused.  Do you live in Texas or Alabama!”  Things like that need to be corrected.

With that said, I am pretty happy with my ‘theme’ choice.  I wasn’t sure I was going to stick with this one, but I was able to adapt it to my old website using only a few key points by maintaining the old style, and fully integrate it on my blog with a complete change in look.  They are now different enough in style that you can quickly tell you are on the static website or the more fluid blog.  I’ll be editing and adding many more photos to the banner section of both sites.  I want to fill it with so many photos you are unlikely to see many repeats when you visit and increase the time delay so they don’t scroll as quickly.  That takes time so bare with me as I locate suitable photos, edit them to size, upload, and tweak.   I’m also going to have to upgrade the mobile site design for phones and tablets.  Changing out the look and feel of a blog and website is not a simple click of the button, though it is so much easier than when I started this journey long ago.

Speaking of my first website, I might as well impart upon you a bit of history.  Let’s turn back the clock 18 years.  I had just whelped and raised my first litter of puppies, a gorgeous group of Shiba Inu pups from my two AKC Champions.   Shibas were rare at that time and finding suitable local homes was stressful to me.  I had a great mentor, my good friend Sandi Smith of Dragon House Shibas.  Sandi and I co-owned my foundation bitch Mia (AKC CH Ishiyama Naughty By Nature) and she bred my boy Jaxom (CH Dragonhouse Total Eclipse)  Sandi sent me many great homes for that first litter, but I knew eventually I was going to have to locate homes myself.   Sandi’s husband was in the Navy, so eventually they would move.  Keith was half way through his residency and would be entering the Army in 2 years.  Sandi and I both utilized the traditional show breeder method of selling puppies… ‘word of mouth’.   The National Shiba Club of America offered a breeder referral service of which we were both listed, but again the audience was fairly limited.  The internet was starting to take off and AOL offered a free website to each of their customers.  I ventured in and set up my first site.  It was basic and I was not happy with the editing program AOL provided.  It was incredibly limited in what I could do on each page and the total number of pages allowed was five.  Even then I had more to say than five pages could cover!  I started reading, researching, and landed on a fairly new program called “Microsoft FrontPage”.  The software was relatively new, but it offered What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface.  I walked out of the store with a copy of the software and 3 large books: How to use Frontpage, how to set up a website on the net, and a basic HTML code book.   I’d never written a line of code in my life, but I have always been a person who seeks out knowledge, because knowledge in any topic is never a waste.   I could already see the limitations on hiring someone to run my site.  Updates would cost money, every single time I wanted to change a photo it would cost more.  That simply was not going to work for me.

Now with the advent of blogs I can prattle on about nothing for hours!  Webpages are cheap by comparison and easy to maintain.   I can make any one of you an contributor to this site and you could post your own information!  I’ve done it before when Courtney whelped Georgie’s litter, essentially cutting out the middle man.  Amazing stuff, my friends and I am happy to be a part of this information revolution.

With all that said, I need you guys to click on all the links here on the blog.  Let’s make sure everything is functional.  If you see something you previously used missing, please let me know.  I might not have added everything back or the location could be hidden and needs to be moved.   I wanted to change things up for a fresh look, but not so much everyone is lost.  Thoughts and suggestions welcome.  I can change just about anything, so don’t be shy if you need darker text or a different background.  Speak up!