Sirius a UKC Champion!

A photo of Sirius with getting his last AKC Championship win.

Last weekend Gloria took a few dogs to a local UKC show while Kelsey puppy sat.  Our boy Sirius picked up his UKC Championship!!  Sirius ( AKC CH Tintlet Anutta Secret Keeper) was best of breed and group 2 at three shows!  Not to bad.  He has now lost his lovely locks and sporting a full body shave down, ears and all!  Kelsey says he is LOVING the new do.


Sadly, there are not any photos of him shaved down, because Kelsey hates posting naked photos of the dogs.  She is a groomer 100%!  Don’t worry, once I get him there will be plenty of non-professionally groomed photos for you all to enjoy. :)  Speaking of which, Kelsey and I spoke and she is going to keep Sirius until after my move.  Once we get settled in Huntsville, I’ll drive over and pick him up.  He will only be 4 hours away and it will make getting him settled in with my pack that much easier especially if I decide to spend a month with my sister while my house is on the market in TX.   Thank you, Kelsey!!  You are a lifesaver!




I’ve delayed making this post for a few weeks, because I wanted ‘official’ word from Keith’s chain of command that this information was indeed true.  You see sometimes a military solider is told “You are moving”, only to find out “Oops, no the commander has decided you cannot move, you are vital”.   While we do not have orders in hand, we have confirmed this move is absolutely going to happen this summer.

Where are we moving?  We are moving back to Huntsville, Alabama!!  This is exciting for many reasons, some of which are:

1.  We have lived there before and loved it.
2.  We still have a lot of friends in Huntsville.
3.  We will be only 4 hours from Gloria and Kesley of Tintlet Poodles in North Carolina.
4.  There are dog training opportunities in Huntsville that I do not have here in Killeen, TX.
5.  There are dog shows year round within 2-4 hours drive, both AKC and UKC shows.

How long will we be there?  This is a minimal two year tour.  It could be up to a year longer, but as little as two years.   We hope to return to Texas ( San Antonio to be specific) once his time in Huntsville is completed.

When is this happening? We hope to start moving mid July.

How will this effect the current litter with Ziva?  It does not directly effect this litter or how they are placed.   I would like to have all the pups picked up by their new homes by June 1st, so I can get my house listed for sale.  It is difficult to keep a house clean and ready to show with baby pups!!  I’m still picking up the litter from Kelsey mid May.  They are still all coming to Texas.  Nothing else is changing.

And because every blog post should have a photo, I snagged this off Kelsey’s Facebook page today to place in here.  Those babies are HUGE compared to their tiny Mom!!!

So there ya have it.  Huntsville, Alabama is conveniently located 2 hours south of Nashville, 2 hours north of Birmingham, 2 hours west of Chattanooga, 3 hours east of Memphis, 3 hours northwest of Atlanta.   If you are in the region and have always wanted an Anutta Poodle puppy, now is your chance!!

Ok, now I can go back to freaking out while I madly cleaning and repair my house.



Video: Ziva Litter and life update

I want to apologize for the lack of post.  Things are a bit crazy around here.  First, I wanted to share a short video of the pups Kelsey posted on Facebook a few days back.

Hopefully you can all view this video.  I asked Kelsey to make it public or post future video’s to You Tube so we do not have a conflict with those who are not members of Facebook.  I do utilize Facebook myself, but I understand those who feel it invades privacy and choose not to use the site.  YouTube is a better option in most cases, though it does create an extra step or two.
I’ve been out of town for the last 5 days.  My mother was hospitalized with pneumonia.  As most of you remember, my step dad passed away in January.  His downward spiral started about this time last year with a round of pneumonia.  Because of this, we decided it was extremely important to go into town and evaluate my mother in person.  There are some pretty serious things going on with her, we should know more details after some test later this week.  She is home for now and seems to be improving.
Kelsey has been supplying me some photos, but I had not had time to do much posting.  Here are some cute pictures for your enjoyment.
First face shave has happened, some with greater success than others. :)  Young babies can be pretty wiggly!!
I’m going to make a few post this week detailing what is going to be happening over the next few months.  Plus we have a few brags to share!  Lots happening around here, so much so I am starting to freak out a little!!
Marlane - April 21, 2014 - 6:52 pm

I just want to reach right into the screen and rub those little tummies! Is it possible to squeal online!!! :)

Jazz gains her Beginner Novice (BN) title in AKC

If this blog post doesn’t make a lick of sense, blame it on my fuzzy brain.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was the annual Bell County Kennel Club Obedience, Rally, and Agility show.  It also marked the start of my asthma and allergy season, hence the drug filled haze I find myself under this morning.  I promise I have sat here staring at the computer for a good five minutes, drawing a total and complete blank on what I should be saying.  That isn’t like me, let me tell ya!  In any case, I decided I would simply share my inability to concentrate with you, in hopes you will forgive my incoherence.  Is that working?  I’m not sure.

On to the dog show results!!

This was a three day show, starting on Friday the 4th and ending on the 6th of April, 2014.  One totally awesome and special moment was having a long time Poodle club friend judging!!  I had no idea she was attending this show until a few days before.  I’m not one to pick a show based on a judge.  I’m there to have fun with my dog, so I do not look to see who might be judging.  Jazz doesn’t have issues with men or older people, so it isn’t something I watch for when selecting a show.  Honestly, I’ve been out of the obedience show game for… oh my…  ten years??  I probably wouldn’t remember who I showed under back then anyway.  I’ve never been good with names unless the name belongs to a dog. :)  In any case, I found out Carolyn Wray (Toy and Mini Poodle owner,  fellow member of Versatility In Poodles) was judging Obedience and Rally at these shows.  I’ve ‘known’ Carolyn via Poodle clubs for as long as I have been showing Poodles.   I believe over ten years if I remember correctly.   I was excited to finally meet someone I have interacted with all these long years.  Ironically, she was not judging Beginner Novice until Sunday morning, so we really couldn’t hang out and chat until after she had judged our class.

Jazz and I arrive early Friday after dropping the kids off at school and grabbing a bite to eat.  I cannot tell you how amazing it is to show within 15 minutes of my home.  Rare and wonderful to say the least.  I get the girly settled into her crate, plant myself next to one of my nose work classmates who also has their young dog entered in Beginner Novice and relax for a bit.  JoAnn, my nose work buddy, pointed out the photographer’s on site and told me they would be taking photos of the dogs while working in the ring.  If you show in Agility, you always have an opportunity to get great photos of your dogs competing.  Obedience is a different matter.  Rarely does a photography group come, must less focus on the subtle sport of Obedience.  You can see a few of the photos I purchased below.  They did an excellent job of capturing the teamwork involved in this event.

What made me happy was that in all the photos Jazz had her tail high, she was happy to be there, happy to be doing something with me.  I have worked hard on making sure she understands “Yes, we are here to work, but we can do it and have a good time”.  It is a very hard line to walk.

To keep this from going to much longer, I will cut to the chase.  On Friday Jazz did amazing, it was her best day of the weekend.  She pulled off a first place in Beginner Novice B with 6 dogs competing.  On Saturday she had a small hiccup during the Figure 8 exercise.  The dog must heel with you as you walk around 2 people standing a few feet apart.  Jazz decided to check both of the people standing as our ‘post’ to make sure they were not hiding any treats in their pockets!  Due to this slightly rude behavior and failing to sit on one of the halts, she ended up with a 4th placement out of 7 dogs.  We already had qualified once in Beginner Novice last month and you only need 3 qualifying scores to gain a title.  This means we did not need to show on Sunday.  However, Carolyn was judging that show and if I moved Jazz up to the regular Novice class, I would not get to show under Carolyn.  I decided to keep Jazz in the Beginning Novice class for practice.   I’m glad I did.  Her level of focus was far from her best.  I had to use 2 of my 3 “Good Girl” praises allowed during Beginner Novice to keep her focused while heeling.  Still it was a bit sloppy, but we did end up with 2nd place out of 4 dogs.

After class on Sunday, Carolyn and I were able to sit down and chat.  Fast talking aside (I’m a half deaf southern girl, you fast talker kill my brain!!) it was a treat to finally chat in person.  She and I have a lot in common.  We both love so many different breeds, yet have settled into life with Poodles because our family’s health and husband’s love of the breed, which translates into us being able to have more dogs!  She told me of the great dog training offered in Oregon, and I lamented the wasteland of dog training I live in, having to drive over an hour to find something halfway decent.

My only regret for the weekend was my asthma and allergies kept me from being able to pick up Melody and Lina and take them in for great puppy socialization.  Thankfully we were close to the first dogs in the ring at 9AM, done by 10AM.  I would pack up my dog, head home and sleep most of the day away.   Speaking of… I think I could use a nap right now.

~Becky and Jazz (UKC CH RO1, Tintlet Rhapody In Blue RA, CA, BN, CGC) – jack of all trades, master of none!!!

Marlane - April 7, 2014 - 6:58 pm

Love her excitement…shows up in her eyes, ears, and tail. You can almost feel the bounce! Congratulations on her accomplishments. I like “Jazz of all trades, Master of most”:)

Lisa Garza - April 10, 2014 - 12:44 am

What gorgeous photos! Love it!

Photos: Ziva and Jordan pups 1 week old

Kelsey is on the ball with the photos!  Thank you, Kelsey. :)  Hard to believe it has already been a week.  In a month and a half I’ll be making my way to North Carolina to pick up those little cutie pies!  So exciting!

I am slowly making my way down the applications.  Some people have already found a puppy, some folks have yet to respond, some are ready for their new babies!  If you cannot stand the wait, feel free to send me an email asking for an update on the process. :)

Enjoy the photos!

MALE: Aragorn



MALE: Boromir


MALE: Elrond


MALE: Mithrandir
MALE: Shadowfax


For more information on this litter, please visit the litter announcement blog post.