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Crazy busy but still loving life!

Who does this?  Who books a vacation right before they move?  I’d have to say it was someone insane or incredibly optimistic. View full post »

Summer Shave, Makes You Feel Good!

I’m cutting my losses, or at least my Poodle’s hair.  🙂  I’m on the mad hunt for time and this is a major timeView full post »

Guess who came into season today?  Cadence, who is our River and Jazz puppy girl.  Cadence is 3.5 years old and we had planned onView full post »

Friend seeking Foster / Guardian Home for male Std Poodle in Austin, Texas

Meet Blue!  He is a black male Standard Poodle puppy who is 12 weeks old.  A friend of mine in Austin, Texas is looking for a foster /View full post »

Introducing UKC CH Highview Anutta Code Breaker!

What a difference one week can make.  I’ve seen this happen time and time again with Poodles, but it never stop amazing me howView full post »

Puppy Videos! Hiking, slide, playing in the yard. Dash and Tyra babies

Hello everyone!  I have been taking videos all week, giving the pups new and exciting experiences and attempting to document those as weView full post »

Dash and Tyra puppy video!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!  Now that the holiday is over, I should have a bit more time to get everything to do with theView full post »

Highview Poodles has a litter!

I do not post other litters often, but Connie Hutchins of Highview Poodles is a friend, and the litter she has right now is large andView full post »