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Video: Libby and Clooney pups. 5 weeks old

Sue shaved the babies faces again and it looks like both Robin and Starling are going to be silvers!  I thought from the week 4 photosView full post »

Libby and Clooney pups 5 weeks old photos!

Sue shaved the babies faces!!  I think 5 weeks is probably my favorite age.  They are so adorable!  Their personalities start to shineView full post »

Video: Libby and Clooney babies 4 weeks old

The pups have relocated to their new pen!  They are walking around, playing with toys and each other, and turning from little blobs intoView full post »

Libby and Clooney babies 3.5 week photos

Sue is really on the ball with photos!!  This week is the hardest age to get good photos of baby pups, and if you look back at my photoView full post »

Video: Libby and Clooney pups 3 weeks plus Puppy Culture information.

As you can see, Sue sent me her weekly video of the babies!  The second half of the video, Sue put collar on them so you can see who isView full post »

Libby and Clooney pups 2 week photos

I have some awesome cuteness for you wonderful people!!  Sue sent me these photos the other day, and I am just now getting around toView full post »

Libby and Clooney babies. Short video!

Sue sent me a super sweet nursing video of the babies.  They are SOOOOO FAT!!!  Libby has been a great mom and the pups are growing likeView full post »

Libby and Clooney pups 3 days of age photos!

Sue has supplied me with a ton of wonderful photos of the babies.  So far everything is going as smooth as it can, when you are working onView full post »