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VIDEO: How to start Crate Training a Puppy

I have a short video on crate training to post today.  There is a lot of information out there and most of it makes the process overlyView full post »

Pet Insurance

I’ve been meaning to cover this topic for well over a year and two conversations this week spurred me to do some research and give myView full post »

Product Review: Midwest Narrow SUV Wire Folding Crate

I just ordered two Midwest Side-By-Side Narrow SUV Crates.    Midwest makes these ‘side by side’ crates in two sizes.View full post »

New Business Cards

A few months ago I was handed a mini business card, approximately half the size of a normal card.  This was not something I had seenView full post »

Over the counter medications for your dog.

Patti, one of our Poodle owners, is having to give Boo (Merlot and Tori son) some antibiotics.  Boo’s getting a bit sick to hisView full post »

Product Review: Metal Superyard

I wanted to share a product I had never used before I had my twins.  When we moved to San Antonio, the kids were starting to become mobileView full post »

Product Review: Unleashed!

I’ve had the good fortune to be blessed with some of the best puppy owners on the planet.  One of these families, Patti and GeneView full post »

Home Delivery Dog Food?

When you are a mom of twins, you have to find ways to streamline your day.  One great method is doing more shopping online.  When my goodView full post »