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Ziva and Cory pups – 6 week photos!

ONE MALE AVAILABLE FROM THIS LITTER Please read this entire post before contacting me to limit you questions to topics not covered.  View full post »

Ziva and Cory pups – 4 weeks old

EDIT!!!!!   These pups were all spoken for, but one home had an emergency and must wait for our next litter.  This means one male puppy isView full post »

River and Jazz are ready for spring!

I’m heading to get Jazz and River’s eye’s certified with OFA in about an hour.  Hopefully all will be normal with bothView full post »

Jazz gains her CD title!

I’m going to keep this short.  I am battling a cold and feel pretty yucky. I failed to make it to the dog show on Saturday, so LinaView full post »

Jazz Obedience Brag!!

We’ve had a good weekend here at Anutta!  As I stated in my previous post, I had Jazz entered in Novice Obedience this weekend downView full post »

October is almost over? Where does the time go…

It has been over a month since my last blog entry.  This year is really slipping by and I apologize for letting the blog fall by theView full post »


Wow, am I really making a blog post?  Has it been forever yet?  Let me tell ya people, I am thrilled to be able to log in and get a postView full post »

Quincy and moving update!!

Heather let me know that Quincy gained his Beginner Novice title with AKC this past weekend with a first place!!  NicelyView full post »

Cadence Update: Jazz and River pup

As part of my mad dash to get everything done before I leave Texas,  I made the drive down to Austin to grab some photos of Cadence.  SheView full post »

Spring photo fun

Because I am not busy enough with finding a house in Alabama, getting my house ready to sell, getting ready to pick up the pups in NorthView full post »

Sirius a UKC Champion!

A photo of Sirius with getting his last AKC Championship win. Last weekend Gloria took a few dogs to a local UKC show while Kelsey puppyView full post »

Jazz gains her Beginner Novice (BN) title in AKC

If this blog post doesn’t make a lick of sense, blame it on my fuzzy brain.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was the annual Bell CountyView full post »