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Klein and Gucci – First leash walk!

So for Mother’s Day my wonderful husband bought me a GoPro!  I’ve wanted one for a while and with our upcoming 20th anniversaryView full post »

My male dog is marking in the House! How do I make it stop?

A friend on Facebook was venting about her boys peeing all over her house.  She is near her limit and wants to neuter them all.  IView full post »

Training Video: Teaching “Close Sit”

Marlane emailed me a few days back asking how to teach Mycroft (Ziva and Jordan puppy who is about 6 months old) to come in close enoughView full post »

Jazz gains her Beginner Novice (BN) title in AKC

If this blog post doesn’t make a lick of sense, blame it on my fuzzy brain.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was the annual Bell CountyView full post »

March 1st and 2nd show weekend

As most of you know, I haven’t been in the ring with a dog in about a year.  Family health issues kept me from showing most of lastView full post »

VIDEO: House training with a bell

House training.  There is little more frustrating than this small window in your new dogs life.  If done wrong, you could end up with aView full post »

Training Video: Working with a shy dog.

Before you watch this video please go read my previous blog post on How to use commands correctly.   It will help you better understandView full post »

Training: How to use commands correctly

I’m doing a series of blogs on basic concepts of dog training.  The last post was on Location, Distance, and Time.  If youView full post »