Monthly Archives: January 2012

Technology, a love / hate relationship.

It seems like everything I touched this week did not work as planned.  I went to video the puppies during Bio-sensor testing over theView full post »

Puppy Socialization

Zelda puppies 1 week old. Puppy Socialization starts at birth.  A good breeder will expose their puppies to as much as they can before theyView full post »

Georgie & River Have Bred!

Courtney has informed me we had a natural breeding yesterday between Georgie and River!  So exciting!!  In 9 weeks we should have anotherView full post »

Obedience Training- Jazz and Mocha update

Last weekend, I took Jazz out to Petco for the first time in about 2 month.  I found out what a bad idea it is to assume your 10 month oldView full post »

New Business Cards

A few months ago I was handed a mini business card, approximately half the size of a normal card.  This was not something I had seenView full post »

Zelda & River puppies: 3 day old photos

This blog post will be extremely photo heavy.  For future owners, if you want a copy of any of the photos in high resolution before youView full post »

Sadness for little Jafaar

It is with deep sorrow that I announce that we have lost Jafaar.  He was gaining weight just as much as the other puppies, doing extremelyView full post »

Zelda & River pups day 2

Snuggled down in my down comforter! I believe these puppies will be sick of my camera before they leave for their new homes. Life isView full post »