Monthly Archives: February 2012

Zelda & River pups: Full groom and stack shots

Keith had this morning off so I had time to groom the pups!  I hope to take them out to the tracking field for a real photo shoot today, ifView full post »

VIDEO: Zelda Pups teaching Patience and Manners

Zelda’s babies are not even 6 weeks old, but they have manners.  There is no excuse for a puppy to be indulged to the point whereView full post »

Zelda & River pups: 6 weeks old

The pups will be 6 weeks old in 2 days, but today was a great day to take some candid photos outside.  Overcast and warm, but not hot.  IView full post »

VIDEO: Zelda & River Pups First Meal and Agility Tunnel

Yesterday, Zelda indicated to me that she was ready to wean her babies by pigging out on food, then upchucked it all in the grass for theView full post »

Zelda & River pups: 5 week old photos

Technically, the pups will not be 5 weeks for two days.  However, I had ‘help’ to get these photos today, so today was theView full post »

Zelda & River Pups: 4 week old group photos

I decided to break up the photo session into two groups this week.  Today I shaved the puppies faces and around their tails.  They all didView full post »

VIDEO: Zelda & River pups play outside

I decided to delay the bath, groom, still photos for a much more fun activity for all involved.  We made a trip outside for the first timeView full post »

Whelping Box

I’ve had a few emails asking what I mean about the bottom of my whelping box not being attached. Most whelping boxes are built withView full post »