Monthly Archives: March 2012

Photos Georgie & River babies week 1

Sarah and Courtney plan to do a weekly “Furry Friday Photos”. I have to say I am thrilled with week one! She compiled theView full post »

VIDEO: Georgie laboring and puppy birth!

Sarah edited and compiled a priceless video of Georgie laboring and finally giving birth.  I hope you all enjoy this as much as I.View full post »

Georgie & River Litter Birthday!

We are excited to announce the birth of our second and last litter for 2012.  The much anticipated litter between Georgie & River isView full post »

Georgie is having her pups!! And our show weekend. :)

Georgie is right now in the process of having her babies!  So far we have 3 boys and 3 girls.  All solid black, though one boy has a smallView full post »

Bluebonnet Babies: Zelda & River pups

I found the time in my crazy schedule to photo the puppies in the bluebonnet field this morning.  As I turn on my camera I see “YourView full post »

Bath and Grooming Day: Zelda & River litter

It’s been a long day.  I bathed, blow dried, and groomed all 5 pups.  This evening Keith and I took some formal side shots of theView full post »

Georgie Litter Head Count! Zelda Litter update!

Courtney called today.  She visited the vet today with Georgie and they saw 7, maybe 8 puppies!!!!  We are so excited about this litter!! View full post »

VIDEO: Zelda & River pups at the lake.

As promised, a short video of the pups at the lake yesterday. ~BeckyView full post »