Monthly Archives: July 2012

Why I foster many of my breeding dogs.

If you know me at all, you know how good my dogs have it around here. They get to sleep on the couch, they help me cook dinner, they get toView full post »

Hazel Training: Recall and Manners

Hazel has a lot of drive, the highest drive puppy in the litter.  I’m glad I am getting some time to work with her, because some ofView full post »

Hazel here for a visit!

Hazel is one of the girl pups from our last litter.  She is 4.5 months old and her family has gone to FL on vacation.  Her mom was not ableView full post »

Feed Raw?

A while back I made the switch from feeding one meal of raw a day to feeding an almost entirely raw diet.  I was unsure about feeding allView full post »