Murry and the Kittens!

I took this video a week ago but never posted it.  I’m a bit under the weather and might not be posting much a few days, maybe a week. I don’t have the energy or pain tolerance for much computer work, so this is the ideal time to show this video.  I didn’t allow Murry to ‘play’ with the kittens because he is going to become a service dog.  He needs to learn to not fear but not play either, to interact quietly and calmly.  I think he did really well with this first visit.  Enjoy!


  • Summer - Becky, you’re so awesome. 🙂 This was fun to watch. The bit at about 3:38, where he was standing up half on the bed, looking back and forth at both of them like “!! I’m surrounded!” made me laugh. What a funny bunch of characters!
    Hope you feel better really soon. <3 Take good care of you!ReplyCancel

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