Lincoln’s Visit

I love seeing my past pups, and it is even better if they come to stay for a time.  It brings me great joy to spend some quality time with any Poodle, more so with pups I brought into this world.  If you have been following my blog for a while you will know Lincoln is from our “President’s Day” litter last year (2011) the CH Bret and CH Bree breeding.  I hung on to Mr Lincoln for about 8 months before finally deciding I really had no business keeping yet another boy who is related to every dog I own.  If you know me, you know I have an insane soft spot for boys.  In any case, a wonderful family in Austin, TX adopted Lincoln shortly after I placed him up as available.  They travel a fair bit, and most of the time they make the trip all the way up here so I can watch him while they are gone.  They left him with a pet sitter one time when I was unavailable, and when they returned home he was a little nervous and extremely excited to see them.  When they leave him here, he returns home happy to see them but at the same time extremely tired and sleeps for a week to recover from his own vacation.  Who doesn’t love a tired and happy Poodle!

If you own one of my puppies, always remember:  If I am available I will ABSOLUTELY watch your baby while you travel.  It might be a bit of a drive to let them stay here, but you can rest assured they will get top of the line care and training while staying at “Camp Baxter”.  I also provide a full groom if requested.  🙂  We aim to please and provide as much support as we can give to all our extended family.

When Poodles Attack!

Fear the Curls!

A little fuzzy in face, but still handsome!


Lincoln with his best-est friend in the whole wide world, Jazz.


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