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It is cold, wet, and the entire family is suffering from a cold.  Don’t expect much posted here for a few days.  We are in survival mode.


  • Laura Segura - Hi Becky, sorry to hear you’re all under the weather. I hope tomorrow brings a better day for you all!ReplyCancel

  • Summer - Oh no! Hope you guys are all feeling much better very soon! Love and chicken noodle soup from Alaska,

For your viewing pleasure, I have two videos from this morning of the pups playing.  They are 7 weeks old today and what a great group of babies they are!

The first video I let the cat out of the bag on what puppy is going to what homes!

In this second video the pups are going to take a very short ride in the twins wagon.

It is hard to believe that in just 3 more weeks they will all start heading to their new homes.  If you think you would be interested in a small to medium size Standard Poodle girl, please contact me about the last puppy.  I should know later today if it is Tyna or Numma who will be looking for that special home.  For those interested in adopting the last girl, price for a pet is $1500.00 on limited registration (no breeding rights). This girl is suitable as performance dogs, therapy dogs, and/or a wonderful pet.  The parents are very stable dogs with outstanding temperaments.  They will probably be small to mid size as adults (20-24 inches at the shoulders).  Contact me at for an adoption application.  References required as my puppies only go to the best homes and as forever members of your family.

Click the “LITTERS” link at the top to see more post about these puppies!

River (dad) and Zelda (mom)




The Average Standard Poodle coefficient of inbreeding is around 15%.  This litter is 2.66%  Lower % means lower inbreeding.


  • Melissa B. - I’ve been telling my dog and cat all about their new dog-uncle, Hugo, and I think they’re getting excited to have another dog in the mix to play with.

    Or, that could just be me…ReplyCancel

  • Rachel Bohl - Thank you Becky for some great videos. What a fun time! They are so big and I loved how Zelda was talking to them and rolling them!

    This has been one of the fastest 7 weeks ever.


  • Becky - Yeah, puppies need time with their mom’s or some gentle but firm adult dog so they can learn how to speak doggy language. Zelda has been a wonderful Mom and loves those pups so much. I hope she doesn’t take it to hard when they leave. :( ReplyCancel

There is no doubt that our Georgie girl is pregnant!  Do the happy dance with me!  Georgie is 5 years old and after last year’s failed fresh chilled semen attempt I was afraid I had simply waited to late to breed her for the first time.  We are all extremely excited about this litter.  So many great homes I hope to fill with some really special pups.  Courtney sent me some photos of the pregnant mama.  She’s looking good and you can see her little tummy showing.

We should have another beautiful litter of Blacks and Blues (maybe Creams) born near the end of this month (March 2012), ready for their new homes by the end of May.  This will be our second and final litter for the year and these puppies will mature medium to large Standard Poodles (23-26 inches).

Georgie and River, November 2011

Georgie and River, November 2011

This litter will be born and raised to 6 weeks of age by Courtney, Georgie and River’s mom in Northwest Arkansas.  Courtney and I have been talking often about what she will be doing with the pups.  They will get the Bio-sensory exposure, as well as extra things I do with my babies.  She is totally on board with everything we do and willing to do what is best for the pups.  I will be making a trip to AR to return Zelda to her family after all her pups have gone to their homes, near the last week in March / first week in April.  I will be visiting Courtney, hopefully the pups will have just been born during my trip, so I can take some awesome newborn photos.  Also, I have a trip planned to Europe for 2 weeks while the puppies are young, so this is the best option for everyone involved.  Once I return from my trip, I will pick the pups up after they are weaned, around 6 weeks of age.  This will give me a few weeks to train them into the little Poo pups I love!

Price for a pet with AKC limited registration will be $1500.00.  Please contact me for an adoption application.  I will not take a deposit until the pups are born, but I would be happy to add you to my waiting list.




These two should produce a nice mix of working dogs and pets.

The average Coefficient of Inbreeding for a Standard Poodle is 15%.  This litter is 2.02%.  The lower the number, the lower the inbreeding.
Genetic information for Test breeding GerogiexRiver from website:

The COI (Coefficient of Inbreeding) is calculated up to a maximum of 12 generations. The COI is calculated entirely from the pedigree information present in the database, so if there are inaccuracies in the pedigree, there will also be inaccuracies in the COI. I try to run the COI every Friday. If there is an error on Friday that means I will have to correct the error and rerun the coi on Saturday. For information on what the COI figure means, see, particularly where it discusses the inbreeding coefficient. For a more complete discussion of genetic principles, visit the Canine Diversity Project.

10-generation COI    2.03%
12-generation COI    4.20%

Top 5 ancestors contributing to COI, in order of influence:

AM CH Haus Brau Executive Of Acadia TP    0.77%
AM CH Acadia Command Performance CD    0.27%
AM/CAN/MEX/FCI INT CH Pamala’s Manderley Spellbound TP    0.22%
AM CH Eaton Affirmed TP    0.21%
AM CH Dassin Debauchery    0.20%

  • Rachel Bohl - Congratulations! That’s wonderful news!ReplyCancel

  • Laura Segura - Georgie is so beautiful, and we loved all the beautiful pictures of her! So excited for this news, and we’ll be looking forward to her updates!!! :) ReplyCancel

  • Summer - YAY!!! :)

    Also, the site’s new layout is gorgeous. Love it.ReplyCancel

  • sherri h - Am doing the happy dance as well. We were beginning to think maybe this litter was not happening. The photo of Georgie has her wearing the exact collar that is on Elvira right now, must be an omen this is the litter that will produce the right puppy for us! We are so excited.ReplyCancel

After our grooming and ‘official’ photos were taken, we headed to one of our favorite hiking trails and let the pups experience the joys of a lovely central Texas winter!


I believe it is very important to teach a puppy to follow nicely, not get underfoot, and to always be willing to tackle new experiences.  Hiking is a great way to do all of these things and still have a great time.


  • Elizabeth Penning - Oh GOD are those poodle puppies cute. I can hardly stand it:-).ReplyCancel

  • Lisa R - Wow how do you do it? Puppies and kids all walking together. What is the secret to keeping the group together and not tripping over each other?ReplyCancel

Keith had this morning off so I had time to groom the pups!  I hope to take them out to the tracking field for a real photo shoot today, if I can find the energy.  I’m pretty wasted after grooming and taking the stacked photos.

Ooops forgot to put her name on the photo. This is NIXIE

I can’t believe they are 6 weeks old!!  Such a great bunch of babies.


  • Rachel Bohl - They look so cute with their new cuts! How did they handle having their feet shaved? Gabe was always very sensitive to having his feet done, but he and we always managed to get it done.

    I’m loving how light Leith is. What a beauty!ReplyCancel

  • Courtney - They look great! Your pictures are beautiful, too. Leith has the sweetest little face. I just wanna kiss em. :) ReplyCancel

  • Becky - All the pups did excellent. I have a great pair of clippers that are my face / feet / butt only clippers. Wahl Moser Arco SE Cordless Clipper. The blade adjust from the length a 10 blade cuts to as short as a 40. It is GREAT!! The clippers are almost silent so the pups are not afraid. I never burn a dog with them, they just don’t get hot before I am done. The clippers are cordless and light weight and make doing feet so easy. Best investment ever. I only use these clippers on a freshly bathed coat, because the blades are not able to be sharpened. If you use it on clean hair and correct blade care you can go years without replacing the blade.ReplyCancel

  • Dee - plus with the Mosers you never bother with blade sharpening. Just pop in a new one!
    Great time to start the puppies exploring the woods and learning to watch their human leaders.ReplyCancel

  • Courtney - Great info on the clippers, Becky. I’ve had mine since I got Abby, so 10 years?? I’m ready for an upgrade. If you use those for feet, face, etc…what do you prefer for the body. Of course, I guess I could just continue to use my Osters for that. It would be nice to have something quieter and that doesn’t get so dang hot for feet, face, tail.ReplyCancel

  • Becky - I generally use my big clippers for body work. You can use the Mosers with a comb attachment but the dog needs to be blown / brushed completely out with zero tangles when using a comb or it will snag and drive you crazy. Also, sometimes I just look at the dog decide I am shaving them down dirty, so I don’t have to bath and blow out a lot of hair. You don’t want to use the Moser on dirty hair ever. Keep the Oster, you won’t regret it.ReplyCancel