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As most of you know, I’m growing out Mocha for AKC Conformation shows.  She is unofficially a UKC Champion, but I promised her breeder I would give it a fair attempt at AKC, though it is not my preferred sport.  I’m more of an Agility, Obedience, Tracking sort of girl.  I like to get out there and get my dogs dirty, as well as teach them to sit and look up at me with adoration.  Both sitting and dirty are big ‘No No’s” in Conformation. :)My Bret and Bree are AKC Champions, but their co-owners were the ones who grew them out and both dogs had professional handlers show them.  I don’t co-own Mocha with anyone.  Yeah, I know… not my smartest move.  It has been a learning experience and at times a royal pain the the butt.  I am learning a lot and hopefully I don’t get desperate and take a 10 blade to her entire body. Kathryn Bolin, of Aurak Standard and Mini Poodles is my personal lifeline.  She is a professional groomer, local to me, and does all the scissor work as well as presenting her for me in the AKC ring.  So far we only made it to one show weekend as a puppy, with a respectable 2nd place in a large puppy class on her last day of showing that weekend.  It took her several days to settle down and stop acting like the crazy brown clown she is.

We have a long way to go in both hair growth and mental maturity before we will be ready to win, but if I can make it past “coat change”, I think she will do okay.  I just gotta stay strong and not let the hair win!!


  • Summer - The second and fourth photos are my favorites. Man, poodles are so lovable!ReplyCancel

  • Courtney - Such a funny clown! I really want to meet her! She is beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Bonnie - Mocha looks devine in her new do! I SOOOO love her rich brown, very Yummy!!ReplyCancel

  • Sandy Tate - She is so beautiful! Hang in there!ReplyCancel

  • sherri h - We have a bronze statue of a poodle in motion that looks just like Mocha in the 4th photo. The staue is called “Gay Abandon”. You can see that in Mocha’s face! It’s like she is going weeeeeee! Such joy.ReplyCancel

I apologize for the lack of blog updates over the last couple weeks.  At first I was very busy with business and family while in Arkansas.  Then Jazz got a virus and had a serious case of the runs, which moved to Mocha by Friday.  I had to scratch both girls from the dog shows last weekend.  Over the weekend Kenzie became ill.  She was running a fever for 2 days and made everyone near her miserable.  Thankfully no one else seems to be catching the plague.  I believe we are over the worst.

Courtney has new found respect for my photography abilities and the time I put into taking, editing, and making these blog post.  The week two “friday’ photos for last week were unusable.  The background was, and I quote, “ghetto” and she refused to even send me those to look over and see if I could work some magic.  Yesterday she took some snapshots herself as she knows you guys are eager for any picture.  We all need our cute puppy fix!!

Zane – Boy

Zane – Boy

Piper – Girl

Piper – Girl

Nia – girl

Nia – Girl

Kai – boy

Kai – boy

Jay – Boy

Jay- boy

Hazel- Girl

Hazel- girl

Cole – Boy

Cole – Boy

Hopefully things will settle down and we all with get a routine down for updates.  I have several things I want to blog about this week, if I can somehow find the time.



  • Summer - Awwwwww, puppy pictures make any day better. :)
    Hope Mocha, Jazz, & Kenzie are ALL feeling much better now, or if not yet, SOON! Internet cupcakes to all three. :) ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Burrhus - Awwww, puppy pictures always make my day! <3 I hope the plague is over with and everyone is feeling much better! *hugs*ReplyCancel

  • Rachel Bohl - They are so precious. They look huge to me compared to Zelda’s litter! Hope all at your house are doing better!


  • sherri h - Looks like they are growing so fast! Have been dog sitting a 5 month old male Standard (and he’s black!)for 2 weeks while his owner has had surgery. It sure has been good practice. He goes home Saturday. I now know where all the X-pen gates will go and how Elvira handles a young dog. It’s been fun but looking forward to our permenant baby boy.ReplyCancel

I’m sorry for the lack of blog updates but we have been on the road!  We are in Arkansas for the upcoming holiday’s.  It was a great time to return Zelda to her family and visit Georgie, River, and their babies.  It has been a lot of driving and I am pretty darn tired, but the trip was well worth it.  Here are a few shots of the babies I took while up visiting.  Blue background is the boys, pink for the girls.

Courtney and I talked about the pups, how they are progressing on the bio sensor, how Georgie is doing with the babies (EXCELLENT!), etc.  I loved how she was very eager to show her babies to everyone, but only if I was sitting in the whelping box letting her lay across my lap for a good massage. :)  The mom needs some love too!!  She was perfectly fine with River in the room and he seemed interested but not intrusive.  A perfect gentlemen.

Courtney had some questions on River’s obedience training that I think I was able to clear up, we discussed how to socialization the pups and limit their exposure to fleas and ticks.  The bugs are going to be a big issue this year, due to the lack of winter.  We have a plan, lets hope it works.

I was able to meet Sarah, Georgie’s Midwoof, photographer, and future foster mom for a little girl from this litter.  She is a hoot and I am excited to have her become a part of the poodle family.

We will be here in Arkansas for about a week longer.  I’ll be doing only minimal blog updates while here.

Thank you Courtney for having me up to see the beautiful sweet pups!  I will not see these guys again in person until I temperament test them at 7 weeks of age.


  • Summer - Aww, they look like they come in a set!
    (And “Mid-Woof,” I love it! “Puppidural” from the birthing video still makes me smile. :) )ReplyCancel

  • Laura Segura - Thanks for the update Becky, the pictures made my heart smile! Have a safe trip and give Georgie and her babies hugs from us.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - I love seeing photos of these pups! And what big, handsome boys! Janus and I are so excited! These pictures are so awesome, btw. I hope we can get some copies of these pictures when we bring our little man home! (I’m going to be making a scrap book of him!) Janus says I’m “nesting.” lol I’ve been crocheting up a storm! Little scarves and chew toys with squeakers in them! He is going to have so much to play with its not even funny!ReplyCancel

Sarah and Courtney plan to do a weekly “Furry Friday Photos”. I have to say I am thrilled with week one! She compiled the photos into a video for your viewing pleasure.  Here is the email with my lovely surprise.

 Courtney and I had the photo shoot this morning. I rushed back to my house to put them into a video for your blog. I am so blessed to be able to see these puppies every day and I can’t imagine the anticipation everyone must feel to finally “meet” their pup for the first time. I tried to zoom in and fix the lighting so everyone would be able to feel the puppies with their eyes. In some of the pics, your mind can just imagine what their hair feels like…and their wet, little noses. Courtney tried to angle the pups to show how many have white under their paws. Those pups that don’t have as many pictures were feeling a little more spirited today. Some were content to snooze through it…others wanted to “talk” and squirm their way through it. This will get interesting as they grow…lol. I hope everyone likes the video and feels a little more connected to their pups with each “Furry Friday” they see. The pups send their love. ~ Sarah

I couldn’t ask for a better pair of ladies to raise this litter for me!

Two beautiful boy puppies available from this litter.  Price for a pet is $1500.00.  Contact me for an adoption application and interview.

Both River and Georgie are now fostered by Courtney and her family in Northwest Arkansas.   She has put some titles on her poodles in order to help show the great temperament her dogs have and is active in Therapy with her dogs.  I will not place my dogs in homes that keep their dogs outside in a kennel, so people like Courtney are extremely important to my breeding program.  A great foster home is worth their weight in gold!  Courtney has been supporting my breeding program for almost 10 years.   Georgie is a granddaughter of my beloved Merlot and is also a 3rd generation Therapy dog.  This litter will be suitable for competition, therapy, and beloved pets.  Both parents are extremely stable dogs with great typical poodle temperaments.  Georgie is a large female and River is a mid size male (slightly smaller than Georgie).  Puppies should mature 50-65lbs and be 24-27 inches tall.





  • Jennifer Burrhus - Love this video!ReplyCancel

  • sherri h - So cute. Fridays are going to be very special at our household. Getting to know these puppies and especially the little guy that is meant for us will be amazing.ReplyCancel

  • Lynda & poodle boys Boudro & Thibodeaux - Ahhhhhhhh! The Furry Friday photos and video are fabulous!! Tiny little gifts from God. Makes me so want a puppy…but it’ll be probably next year for me. Thank you for sharing. What a joy!!ReplyCancel

  • Summer - Makes my chest hurt to watch this. Wow, they’re beautiful. :) ReplyCancel

Sarah edited and compiled a priceless video of Georgie laboring and finally giving birth.  I hope you all enjoy this as much as I.



  • sherri h - Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for sharing this. With all that was going on you took the time to film and narrate and still be awesome assistants to Georgie. What a peaceful and serene event. You ladies rock!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Burrhu - I cried when I watched this! So beautiful! We are so excited about these puppies!ReplyCancel

  • Laura E Segura - Oh my gosh, you guys were so AMAZING! Courtney, your sweet Georgie is so beautiful, even giving birth she looked stunning! Thank you for sharing this awesome video! I hope our puppy is as sweet as her mommy!

    Becky thank you for all you do! We are so blessed to have found you!!!ReplyCancel

  • Summer - WOW that’s cool! I’ve got tears in my eyes. Thank you so much for putting that together, Courtney and Sarah. That was just amazing. And gosh, Georgie, I just want to reach through the screen and give her a hug. Good job, mama! Cool to see her bond with you, Courtney, cool to see how attached she was right away to her puppies, cool to get to witness the birth process, just… really, really neat. :) :) :) Thank you so much!ReplyCancel

  • Becky - They are AWESOME!! :) Georgie is so lucky to have her Doulas!! I guess they are now puppy Midwives or maybe I should say Midwoofs!ReplyCancel

  • mark h - Just watched the birth video. I can only echo what my wife Sherri said, Courtney and Sarah, You Rock!!
    Thanks for being such good mid-woofs to Georgie, it was so very sweet to see such a beautiful event. Also, thanks to you Becky! We are blessed to have you and your incredible dogs in our lives. Cannot wait to get our bundle of joy from this litter….
    Thanks again to all 4 of you (including Georgie.ReplyCancel