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This post is WAY overdue.  Everyone sent me these updates before Easter and here it is almost a month later.  I want to thank these great people for sending me the photos and the update on the pups.

Hugo made it to VA and is smelling the bluebells!!

Hi Becky!
We had our check-up with the vet (who is also has a standard poo) and she thought he was in perfect shape – great heart, no worms, etc.  She thinks you are an exceptional breeder, by the way!  She thought it was great that you’d started their shot routines in the right time period.
While we were at the vet’s, another standard poodle came in.  Molly is 13 and really tall!  What a contrast with Hugo!  He continues to gain confidence – he usually only puts the brakes on once now before he will do the something new.  We’re continuing to introduce him to other people.  He’s very accepting of these strangers and doesn’t seem to be pushy yet.  I hope he doesn’t get that way.  Gabe was a lot like Jazz and seemed to believe that all people were put in his proximity for the sole purpose of petting him!  I’d like Hugo to be a toned down version of this.  Accepting of people, but not demanding of attention from them.
We’ve been to the park every day.  Today I’ll do it alone with him instead of with Melissa and the terrier Emma.  He’d rather follow Emma’s lead than mine…  I also started loading the clicker with him and I think we may do that again today so we can get down to business.  He kept looking at Emma and was a bit distracted so we’ll go into isolation to do it.
He continues to be very calm and loving.  He’s giving good kisses and stays very close by even when not tethered.  The stubborn streak is there so my work is cut out for me!  He is so worth it though!  I think he’ll be a wonder!
Hugo adores Emma and she has started to accept him into her presence.  The cat, Gus, has also become a firm friend.  They love to chase each other around the kitchen.  Both Gus and Hugo go absolutely nuts when its mealtime.  Hugo was very jumpy and bouncy  when we were getting ready to set his food dish down, but now we have him sitting before we give it to him.  So he still does his happy dance for food coming, but he plops his little butt down when we reach him.  I wish we could train the cat to do this!
Onward and upward!  This has really been so much fun!


Douglas loves his Mommy!

Douglas and his Mom

Bonjour amie,

Becky, you should wear a crown .  Dr. Kirlin, my vet … a very excellent professional, said this morning,that Douglas was one of the finest puppies he has ever seen.

What a GIFT you have… I could say more but Douglas is calling…what more can I say. I do hope all went well at the show today !!!

Love to you and everyone,



Tia is so cute!

Tia in her new home

Tia at 9 weeks

FYI I changed her call name to Tia—Tanya was just tooo long, especially for agility.


She did great on the drive, protested a little at first, but then settled down.  She has been sleeping through the night and, so far, has not had an accident!  We had the evaluation from my trainer, Jasmine, and have our initial training plan.  During the evaluation, the Jasmine put her on the A frame and lured her up it with no problem.  A few minutes later, while we were talking, she went up and down it by herself!  The vet visit went fine and the staff all fell in love with her.  Her first outing was to go to Pet Supplies Plus and ride in the cart since I did not want her walking on the floor yet.  She loved it – just had to be careful not to get too close to treats!



Gracie and Libby

Libby head shot!


Libby is doing great!
She is having lots of fun with the kids and her new big sister Gracie.
 – Sue


Jersey is TIRED!!

Jersey with her Mom

Jersey with her Dad


I cannot thank you enough for raising such a wonderful puppy for us. Ever since we picked Jersey up on Saturday morning, Danielle and I have been blown away by what a well-adjusted, affectionate, intelligent, and easy dog she is. She really is an incredible puppy. She was an angel during the long car ride to Houston, and she only cried for the first night we had her (my first Yorkshire Terrier, by contrast, cried for about a week and a half).  Also, I can’t believe how well house-trained she is! So far, we’ve had one accident, and it was a bit of a fluke. She had gone out fifteen minutes before a friend over, and she must not have voided her bladder very well – she let out quite the puddle while we weren’t looking. Since then, though, I’ve been really impressed. Our standard routine has been for me to wake up at 6:00 to take her out, and then give her breakfast and some water. Danielle then takes her out at 7:15 to let her fully empty her bladder before we leave for work/school. Today, she didn’t go to the bathroom for Danielle, but when I got home at at lunch time her kennel was totally clean! I never expected that kind of control from such a young puppy.
She’s also been pretty incredible with basic obedience. She has “sit” down pretty much perfectly, and “come” is about 80% successful right now. I started “stay” yesterday, and she’s already starting to get the hang of it. Danielle and I had a great feeling about working with you for a puppy as soon as we saw your web site and blog, and I must say that I’m absolutely certain that we made the right decision. There were quite a few breeders who were closer to us, but none seemed to really care about raising great puppies and great dogs quite the way that you do. Jersey is really an incredible little girl. Danielle and I are blessed to have her. Thank you so much for raising her as you did.
With warm regards,
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  • Jennifer B - Love the updates! Its really wonderful to see everyone enjoying their new family members and hear the glowing reviews of you as a breeder! I am positive we made the right choice getting a puppy from you, Becky! I also love hearing how well Jersey’s training is going!ReplyCancel

  • Summer - Oh, how neat to see the puppies with their new families! <3 Thanks for sharing this!!!ReplyCancel

Dog parks are becoming more popular across the country.  Are they a good thing? It really depends on a few factors.  Is your dog easy going?  Can you read your dog and other dogs to know if a problem might be right around the corner?  Are you confident in your own abilities to handle any situation that might occur?  Are you willing to risk your dog for the socialization?  No bones about it, dog parks are a huge risk.

With all that said, I’m a fan of dog parks.  I like to watch the dogs interact without a human yanking on their leash.  I like to see my dogs ‘buttons’ in action.  What are the triggers for my dog?  I can learn this best by using a park, but using it wisely.

Today I took Jazz and Mocha to the new dog park here in town.  It was the first time either had been to an off leash park.  I prefer my dogs are exposed to a dog park when they are younger, but they are still young enough at one year of age to not to take another dogs reaction terribly wrong.

Mocha did fabulous.  She’s always been a bit more dog aware than Jazz.  She is a touch more reserved with dogs and much more reserved with people.  This translates well to a park situation.  She rarely invaded a dogs personal space bubble and if she did and they barked at her out of fear, she backed up.

Jazz was more of a challenge.  Jazz has an extremely high prey drive.  Running = chase = JOY!!  She also gets over stimulated easily and takes a dogs panicked screechy barking to mean play or that she should investigate more, which causes a dog to screech more.   I had to place Jazz in ‘time out’ 3 times during our hour stay.  I’m sure with each trip she will improve, she was already grasping the concept.  When I leashed her for the third time and told her to ‘Caaaaaalllmmm, Eaaaasssy, Reeellllaaaxxxx” she quickly took on a ‘zen’ look and was released from her stay calmly in less than a minute.

Here are my dog park tips:

1.  Pull up and watch the dogs that are currently inside for a few minutes before you ever leave the car.  See if there is a ‘bully’ or any bad behavior going on.  If so, drive back home or take the dogs on a leashed hike somewhere else.

2.  Leave your dog(s) on leash for a few minutes or the entire time if they can’t calm down.  Do not let them off if they are acting like a fish on a line or barking and lunging.  They must have it mentally together before being able to go play.  There are a few reason’s for this.  When on leash my dogs must behave, I don’t care what is going on in the world.  If that means I spend their dog park time doing distraction obedience work, so be it.  They have a choice.  They can calm down and go play, or they can stay leashed and work.  Second, if they are mentally unable to focus on leash, they will never listen to you off leash. Stay at a distance that your dog will listen to you.  If they can’t listen you move them back from the excitement.  Dogs are not stupid.  They grasp you are going the wrong way when they act silly, and that if they act nice, you move toward what they want!

3.  If you take more than one dog, release them one at a time and let them drag their leash.  You will have a line to step on to stop them if they decide to play keep away or act badly.  You only have one dog to watch and make sure they are not getting over stimulated or picked on.  Once the first dog has run a bit, pick up their leash, then let the second dog go play.  Once the ‘new’ has worn off the experience, you can release both dogs.  Let them both drag their leashes until you are sure you have voice control.

4.  Watch your dogs the ENTIRE time.  This is not “Let my dogs run while I read a book or check email” time.  A dog fight can happen pretty fast, but there is always some warning the situation is getting out of hand.  Jazz, Mocha, and two other dogs were chasing a new dog that someone brought in,  The new people did not bring their dog in on leash, to let the other dogs get use to them first.  The new dog went from having fun, to concerned, and was quickly heading to panic.  I went over and pulled Jazz and Mocha off the chase.  I leashed Jazz and made her do obedience because she was going into ‘crazy dog’ mode.  Mocha was fine once I interrupted the chase.  The other two dogs lost interest because the new dogs panic level dropped once half the problem was removed.  The dog who was being chased came over to see Jazz and Mocha and they all were fine, but if I had not interrupted them, who knows what would have happened.

5.  Use ‘time outs’.  Remind your dog that they behave calmly and can’t run around barking and acting like a nut.  If they are to rough, remove them from the situation.  If they can’t grasp what they are doing wrong, you are not doing a long enough break to calm their mind. They stay on leash until they are calm and focused.  If they aren’t calm and focused, you move them away until they are, and that might be well outside the dog park fence.  There will be a point where they can watch the other dogs play, but still listen to you.

6.  Know your dog.  Some dogs can NEVER go to a dog park.  Merlot was one such dog.  He was domineering, he was big, and he was extremely prey driven.  He never ‘attacked’ a dog, but he rolled many dogs and felt they all should bow to his will.  He was also a rough player and extremely mouthy.  All bad combinations.  Even my own dogs hated playing with Merlot when he would get a wild hair.  Flash can’t go now either. He went all the time the first few years of his life, but he had several bad experiences with my sisters male dog, resulting in some major slashes on his neck.  They got into a serious fight several years ago and I just can’t trust he won’t react poorly in a pinch.  Flash is a little bit of a bully at times.  If your dog has ever been in a dog fight, be they the attacker or the attacked, dog park is really bad idea.  The experience can trigger the time they were attacked and they might snap or panic and cause other dogs to react instinctively to ‘injured prey’.  If your dog has triggers that you can’t pull them out of (think of it as a flashback), I would not go to a dog park.

7.  Bring a really high value treat.  Grilled chicken is great.  Show the dogs you have it before you go in.  Sure, the park might be totally fun, but if you call them over, giving them a treat for leaving whatever they were doing is a nice bonus.

Before you ever go to the off leash park, you should work off leash obedience, especially a ‘come on’ or ‘here’  command.  Not ‘COME’, which to my dogs means sit in front of me.  “come on” means they need to leave what they are doing and get near me.

Lastly, you can’t control other people.  If you get there and see there is a problem dog (problem owner I should say) and the owner isn’t making that dog go into ‘time out’ for being obnoxious, leave or go sit in the car until the problem person leaves.

The socialization and experience of a dog park is great fun for both people and dogs.  Once your dog has been a few times, the new will wear off and they will know the rules if you are ‘firm but fair’ in your training.  I don’t let my kids throw sand at the park.  I don’t let me kids push or hit other kids.  If there are kids doing those things, we leave.  Why in the world would I let my dog be rough or crazy with other dogs, and why would I force my dog to endure such behavior in turn??

Here is a one minute video from today’s visit.


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  • Lisa - Gatsby will never get to go to a dog park. He is easily over stimulated, has no confidence, and has very high prey drive. You run, you squeal, you die. If your black and white even better.
    I would also add that if you dog has killed small animals like skunks, rabbits, possums, or raccoons it might not be suited to playing In a dog park unless it is only dogs the same size.
    Gatsby is very sorry is was a bad dog once.ReplyCancel

As most of you know, I’m growing out Mocha for AKC Conformation shows.  She is unofficially a UKC Champion, but I promised her breeder I would give it a fair attempt at AKC, though it is not my preferred sport.  I’m more of an Agility, Obedience, Tracking sort of girl.  I like to get out there and get my dogs dirty, as well as teach them to sit and look up at me with adoration.  Both sitting and dirty are big ‘No No’s” in Conformation. :)My Bret and Bree are AKC Champions, but their co-owners were the ones who grew them out and both dogs had professional handlers show them.  I don’t co-own Mocha with anyone.  Yeah, I know… not my smartest move.  It has been a learning experience and at times a royal pain the the butt.  I am learning a lot and hopefully I don’t get desperate and take a 10 blade to her entire body. Kathryn Bolin, of Aurak Standard and Mini Poodles is my personal lifeline.  She is a professional groomer, local to me, and does all the scissor work as well as presenting her for me in the AKC ring.  So far we only made it to one show weekend as a puppy, with a respectable 2nd place in a large puppy class on her last day of showing that weekend.  It took her several days to settle down and stop acting like the crazy brown clown she is.

We have a long way to go in both hair growth and mental maturity before we will be ready to win, but if I can make it past “coat change”, I think she will do okay.  I just gotta stay strong and not let the hair win!!


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  • sherri h - We have a bronze statue of a poodle in motion that looks just like Mocha in the 4th photo. The staue is called “Gay Abandon”. You can see that in Mocha’s face! It’s like she is going weeeeeee! Such joy.ReplyCancel

I apologize for the lack of blog updates over the last couple weeks.  At first I was very busy with business and family while in Arkansas.  Then Jazz got a virus and had a serious case of the runs, which moved to Mocha by Friday.  I had to scratch both girls from the dog shows last weekend.  Over the weekend Kenzie became ill.  She was running a fever for 2 days and made everyone near her miserable.  Thankfully no one else seems to be catching the plague.  I believe we are over the worst.

Courtney has new found respect for my photography abilities and the time I put into taking, editing, and making these blog post.  The week two “friday’ photos for last week were unusable.  The background was, and I quote, “ghetto” and she refused to even send me those to look over and see if I could work some magic.  Yesterday she took some snapshots herself as she knows you guys are eager for any picture.  We all need our cute puppy fix!!

Zane – Boy

Zane – Boy

Piper – Girl

Piper – Girl

Nia – girl

Nia – Girl

Kai – boy

Kai – boy

Jay – Boy

Jay- boy

Hazel- Girl

Hazel- girl

Cole – Boy

Cole – Boy

Hopefully things will settle down and we all with get a routine down for updates.  I have several things I want to blog about this week, if I can somehow find the time.



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    Hope Mocha, Jazz, & Kenzie are ALL feeling much better now, or if not yet, SOON! Internet cupcakes to all three. :)ReplyCancel

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  • Rachel Bohl - They are so precious. They look huge to me compared to Zelda’s litter! Hope all at your house are doing better!


  • sherri h - Looks like they are growing so fast! Have been dog sitting a 5 month old male Standard (and he’s black!)for 2 weeks while his owner has had surgery. It sure has been good practice. He goes home Saturday. I now know where all the X-pen gates will go and how Elvira handles a young dog. It’s been fun but looking forward to our permenant baby boy.ReplyCancel

I’m sorry for the lack of blog updates but we have been on the road!  We are in Arkansas for the upcoming holiday’s.  It was a great time to return Zelda to her family and visit Georgie, River, and their babies.  It has been a lot of driving and I am pretty darn tired, but the trip was well worth it.  Here are a few shots of the babies I took while up visiting.  Blue background is the boys, pink for the girls.

Courtney and I talked about the pups, how they are progressing on the bio sensor, how Georgie is doing with the babies (EXCELLENT!), etc.  I loved how she was very eager to show her babies to everyone, but only if I was sitting in the whelping box letting her lay across my lap for a good massage. :)  The mom needs some love too!!  She was perfectly fine with River in the room and he seemed interested but not intrusive.  A perfect gentlemen.

Courtney had some questions on River’s obedience training that I think I was able to clear up, we discussed how to socialization the pups and limit their exposure to fleas and ticks.  The bugs are going to be a big issue this year, due to the lack of winter.  We have a plan, lets hope it works.

I was able to meet Sarah, Georgie’s Midwoof, photographer, and future foster mom for a little girl from this litter.  She is a hoot and I am excited to have her become a part of the poodle family.

We will be here in Arkansas for about a week longer.  I’ll be doing only minimal blog updates while here.

Thank you Courtney for having me up to see the beautiful sweet pups!  I will not see these guys again in person until I temperament test them at 7 weeks of age.


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    (And “Mid-Woof,” I love it! “Puppidural” from the birthing video still makes me smile. :) )ReplyCancel

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  • Jennifer - I love seeing photos of these pups! And what big, handsome boys! Janus and I are so excited! These pictures are so awesome, btw. I hope we can get some copies of these pictures when we bring our little man home! (I’m going to be making a scrap book of him!) Janus says I’m “nesting.” lol I’ve been crocheting up a storm! Little scarves and chew toys with squeakers in them! He is going to have so much to play with its not even funny!ReplyCancel