The best laid schemes…

Today I had this fabulous idea.  I would take Lincoln with us to the park and get some video of him interacting with groups of people, bothView full post »

Charlie – A Flash x Rain puppy update!

I just had an update on Charlie (litter name Radar) from our Flash x Rain litter!  He seems to be doing well, healthy and happy!    This isView full post »

Merlot Sunday: Camping!

Merlot LOVED to go camping.  Everything about it was such a pleasure for him.  Hiking was his favorite pastime and camping always includedView full post »

Video: Jazz & Mocha at the playground

The weather is cooler, so I decided it was a good day to take Jazz and Mocha with us to the lake park. We typically have this park  / View full post »

White Adult Standard Poodle needs Home!

UPDATE: THIS DOG HAS A HOME Such sad news.  I have been told about a white male adult neutered standard poodle who will be needing a newView full post »

Hunting Poodles!

Here is a great article released yesterday on Hunting Poodles.   View full post »

Mocha! New Puppy Girl

We are pleased to announce our newest addition!   HIGHVIEW DOUBLE MOCHA Mocha Moving Mocha Free Stacking Mocha has come to usView full post »

Training Video: Wipe Your Face

This video was taken over a series of training sessions, over two days.  When I teach something really complicated I break it up, usuallyView full post »