VIDEO: Zelda & River pups play outside

I decided to delay the bath, groom, still photos for a much more fun activity for all involved.  We made a trip outside for the first timeView full post »

Whelping Box

I’ve had a few emails asking what I mean about the bottom of my whelping box not being attached. Most whelping boxes are built withView full post »

Feeding Tripe, Probiotics, and Raw Meat

Sherri emailed me the other day with an interesting observation about Elvira. Elvira (our bloat survivor) has always had a gurglingView full post »

Being a Breeder / Rescuer

How do I do it?  How do I let dogs and puppies go to new homes?  How do I foster rescues, then let them go to a new family?  How do I keepView full post »

Video: Zelda pups- a milestone

I was sitting in the puppy box today with Aiden and Kenzie, and just happen to catch a couple milestones on film.  I thought you guys wouldView full post »

Zelda & River pups: 3 weeks old

It has been an exciting week for the puppies.  They have moved to the kitchen from our master bedroom.  They now have to deal with all theView full post »

VIDEO: Zelda x River litter 3 weeks old

I decided to step back from working on the blog to do short video of the puppies.  Please excuse the Star Wars Lego game running in theView full post »

BLOG: A New Look!

For the past several weeks I have been searching for a new blog theme/program that would accomplish my eventual mission, to completely dropView full post »