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It’s been a long day.  I bathed, blow dried, and groomed all 5 pups.  This evening Keith and I took some formal side shots of the babies for my records that I will try to post soon.  Tomorrow, the first one flies away to a new home.  /sniff  They grow up so fast!!  I hope to get the pups in bluebonnets morning, but we will see. Today was the first day without any rain, so maybe we won’t sink up to our elbows in mud by tomorrow morning.


  • Valerie B - Boy, am I silly. I looked at this lovely photo, read the posting and found myself crying. I don’t “know” these puppies, but I will miss them. I have so enjoyed watching them grow, the antics and going on’s of all the dogs, the glimpses of your family. It’s been a great journey, your posting brought this litter to life.
    I have also really enjoyed and put to use your training tips, thoughts on diet, and well, thank you for all the time and effort you put into sharing. I also hope that as the puppies leave for their new homes, you are not too too sad.
    Take care,

  • Diane - Libby is going?
    It seems like just yesterday that Zelda left! And now the puppies are grown and leaving too? I wish we had been able to get to know all the puppies more. Thank you for posting the videos and pictures of all the puppies. We will miss them all. I also found myself getting a little lightheaded and tearing up slightly.
    Take care Zelda!
    P.S. yay Douglas for keeping his name!ReplyCancel

Courtney called today.  She visited the vet today with Georgie and they saw 7, maybe 8 puppies!!!!  We are so excited about this litter!!  We should have puppies born in about a week.

I’ve had many great emails asking about Tyna, so I needed to post this update to let everyone know she has a home.  Here are the breakdown of names and where everyone is going.

Douglas will remain Douglas and is going to San Antonio, TX to live with Pamela and family.

Leith is now Hugo and will be going to Virginia to live with Rachel and family.

Nixie is now Libby and will be going to Minnesota to live with Sue and family.

Numma is now Jersey and will be going to Houston, TX to live with Danielle and family.

Tyna is now Tanya and will be going to San Antonio, TX to live with Karen and family.

I found a lovely field of bluebonnets yesterday while driving home from Church, and the plan was to take the pups and kids for photos this morning.  It was extremely windy and cold, so I bailed on the idea of both kids and dogs all at one time.  I left Kenzie’s sweater at home and the poor girl was half frozen by the time I was done.  Maybe tomorrow I can get some puppy photos.

  • sherri h - Prescious children! And I love the emblem on the sweater! Great news about the number of puppies. We are getting excited about the possibility that one will be perfect for us!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel Bohl - Wonderful news about Georgie! I’m so happy for you all. We are getting very excited about our trip to Texas. I hope the bluebonnets will still be blooming next week! How cool to see my blue puppy in the bluebonnets!ReplyCancel

I took the crew to the lakeside park today for some new experiences.  This park rarely has more than a few people and it is a great way for me to allow the pups some new experiences with minimal risk to their health and well being.  As owners and breeders, we all walk a tightrope between ‘health risk’ to young pups and ‘socialization’.  I feel that the socialization is sooo very important, it is worth some risk of disease exposure.

Tyna, Douglas, Hugo, Jersey, Libby

Tyna, she kept jumping off the log. Very hard to get a decent shot of her.


Jersey (was Numma)

Libby (was Nixie)

Hugo (was Leith)


Douglas – windblown look


Who is brave enough to slide down?

Only two pups were brave enough to do the slide. Hugo and Tyna. The others decided it wasn't a risk worth taking. What is most interesting is that Hugo was an extremely fearful infant puppy, refusing to sit, crying in new environments, impossible to photograph. With confidence building techniques I have changed this boy, hopefully for the better. I worry a little bit, he now thinks he is "Superpuppy"!



Libby gets a good scratch

Jersey says “Pet me please!”

Hugo gets a big hug!

Hugo (was Leith)


I have a lot of video as well, which I will edit as I have time and maybe post tomorrow.

It was a great morning adventure and fun was had by all.


  • Sandy Tate - Becky ~ these puppies are adorable!!! They’ve gotten sooo big. Wish I could drop by and see them. They’re so sweet and you do such a great job with them. Wasn’t it just yesterday Kipper was a puppy too? Love to watch them grow!ReplyCancel

Elvira (Halstead) is proudly showing off her newest patch. She has become the first of over 80 working dogs in the Animal Samaritans, SPCA (Palm Springs, CA.) Animal Assisted Therapy program to receive the AKC title Therapy Dog (T.D.).  Animal Samaritans has been accepted as an authorized therapy dog program by the AKC and Elvira has met all the requirements for the T.D. title. Elvira is a 9 1/2 year old Standard Poodle and has specially trained to work with mild through profoundly disabled children. Animal Samaritans has a program with the local school districts and their special needs classrooms. Elvira is “bullet proof” and has a very sound, highly social temperament. She loves her kids, even when they think they should ride her!

This was sent to me today by Elvira’s mom, Sherri.  Elvira has been an active therapy dog her entire life, but the new AKC program is a great way to show off your dogs dedication and skill in this much needed community service.  As I have stated in the past, people who do therapy with their dogs are my favorite homes, and here’s why.

1.  To become a therapy dog takes training and time.  The more time you spend with your dog, the better companion you are going to have.
2.  A therapy dog must be a clean.  The homes who do therapy always keep their dogs well groomed and looking sharp.
3.  Therapy dogs are needed in our communities.  With only a few hours a month you can make a difference in the lives of many people.  If you believe I am over stating their value, you have never been on a therapy visit.  Go watch a group in action, and see the smiles they bring, the comfort they provide, and the things a disabled person will attempted just to spend a few moments touching a dog.
From the AKC website:

To earn the AKC Therapy Dog title, you and your dog must meet the following criteria:

Certified/registered by an AKC recognized therapy dog organization.
Perform a minimum of 50 visits.
The dog must be registered or listed with AKC.

All dogs are eligible to earn the AKC Therapy Dog title, including purebreds and mixed breeds. To earn the AKC Therapy Dog title, dogs must be registered or listed with AKC and have a number in order to earn a title. This includes any one of these three options:

  1. AKC registration number – used by purebred dogs.
  2. Enrolled in AKC’s PAL Program. PAL is Purebred Alternative Listing. PAL (formerly called ILP) is a program that allows unregistered dogs of registrable breeds to compete in AKC Performance and Companion Events. PAL dogs include the many wonderful purebred dogs who may have come from shelters or rescue without AKC registration.
  3. Enrollment in AKC Canine Partners Program – used by mixed breed dogs.  A special Canine Partners enrollment form is available for mixed breed Therapy Dogs- AKC Canine Partners / Therapy Dog Enrollment Application. This form must be submitted along with the Therapy Dog title application form.

Wondering if your therapy program is already eligible for the title?  Check AKC’s list of Therapy Organizations

Need help getting your organization or dog involved with therapy or need more information on the AKC program?  Sherri would be happy to help.  Please contact us and I will put you in touch.

We tip our hats to Sherri and Elvira!



  • Summer - Congratulations, Elvira! Ya done good, kid! :)
    Your brother, Radar, and his person, Summer. :) ReplyCancel