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Litters: 2017

We are moving to San Antonio, Texas this summer.  Our next litter will be ready fall 2017 and will be whelped and raised in Texas.

PET PUPPY COST:  $1800.00
Please note: Price for pets will increase to $2000 starting in 2018

FOSTER PUPPY WITH SHOW CONTRACT COST: $500.00.  Please read our rules on FOSTERING.  You must be willing or allow me to show the puppy in some sport.

As of 2017: you must live within a few hours drive of San Antonio, TX or Little Rock, AR to foster.

SHOW PUPPY COST: Private Treaty.  Cost depends on puppy and requires a co-ownership.

BORN JULY 17th, 2017
5 boys (3 black/blue, 2 cream)


CH Argan I'm Blown Away

Tango is a lovely large cream male.  He has a stunning personality which matches his looks.  Tango is calm, sweet, and gentle.  I believe he will be a great asset to our breeding program.  Tango is 4 years old and this will be his first litter.


U-CH RO1 Anutta Traveling Riverside Blues CGC, Therapy

Cadence is a small black female, who is the daughter of Jazz and River.  She has moderate working drives and lower prey drive.  A great mix of her sire and dam’s temperaments.  Cadence is 3.5 years old and this will be her first litter.


Tango and Cadence should produce a great mix of wonderful pets and moderate performance dogs.

TEMPERAMENT: This litter will excel in therapy if that is your goal, because Cadence is an active therapy dog, and Tango has the right temperament for the job.  He is bomb proof in social situations.   Neither of these two are high drive, and if you are new to dog sports these guys will be a great option for a first time performance partner.   They are not going to drive you nuts at home, but they will be willing to go do anything fun!  Are you simply looking for a fabulous family pet?  Again, this litter should have what you want.  Mental stability, yet a fun level of activity for your family.

SIZE: As far as size… we will likely have from small to tall with this combination.  Cadence is smaller, but her mother Jazz is a larger girl.  I will not be able to make any guarantees about future puppy adult sizes.  You need to be OK with whatever you get from this combination!

COLOR: Blacks and light Creams (essentially white as adults).  Some dark pups might have small white markings.


This litter will be whelped and raised by Kerry, Cadence’s mom, near Austin, TX.  I will pick up the babies at 7 weeks of age, aptitude test the litter, DNA test my favorite puppies, and keep the entire litter for a few weeks for evaluation.  Once I have a good idea on temperament of the babies, I’ll contact all homes who have a deposit on the litter and selections can start.  We have done this many times and it works great for me, the mom, babies, and adopting families.  Kerry is experienced at whelping, socializing, and caring for infant pups.



All Pet Pups are $1800 with AKC Limited Registration.  A show puppy is placed by private treaty on co-ownership.   We do not sell dogs for ‘breeding’.  CONTACT ME if you are interested in this lovely litter.


Upcoming litters

Due Oct 9th, 2017 and ready for homes mid December

Tag Jump!

MACH2 Jility Gotcha Game On BN RA MXG MJS XF

Tag is a brown Standard Poodle boy who lives up in Nashville, TN.  We are excited about breeding this lovely boy to our Jazz.
Jazz Downstay

UKC CH RO1 Tintlet Rhapsody In Blue CD BN RA CA CGC

Jazz is our beautiful blue girl who lives here with me in Alabama.  She is multi-talented and so much fun!

Large Standard Poodles expected from this combination.  Both Tag and Jazz are big Poodles Colors expected are Black, Blue, maybe Silver. NO whites / NO browns

All Pet Puppies are $1800 with AKC Limited Registration.  Show puppies are placed by private treaty on co-ownerships. 

All Pet Pups are $1800 with AKC Limited Registration.  A show puppy is placed by private treaty on co-ownership.   We do not sell dogs for ‘breeding’. We breed an average of two litters a year, usually one litter co-bred with another person and not whelped here.  We keep very few dogs here in our home, because we like to travel and have a life outside dogs.  If you are interested in one of our future puppies, it is best to contact us sooner rather than later. Want to become a foster family?  We place a limited number of puppies from each litter into foster homes where they remain for the rest of their life.  These homes keep their dog intact for future breeding and agree to get some form of performance title from either AKC or UKC.  We have significantly reduced the cost to own a foster to only $500, because the foster family will be committing time and training to their new dog instead of upfront purchase price cost.  It is a trade off, but something to consider for those with limited funds.   This program is best for those not interested in breeding themselves but willing to support our breeding program and keep genes alive for the future of the Poodle breed.   MORE INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND HERE.