Hello, we are the Baxter’s, owners of Anutta Poodles.  We bought our first Standard Poodle in 1999 and have never looked back.  In 2017 we added in 3 Miniatures and we have hopes of our first litter in late 2019.  Our dogs excel in all venues, but our love is performance sports.  We actively compete in conformation, obedience, agility, rally, lure coursing and have placed dogs in homes who do therapy, hunting, and service work.   Here at Anutta we want to produce a dog who loves to do fun things, but also nap on the couch with the entire family.  To insure we continue to produce great temperaments and health in our pups, we require the parents of our litters are titled and fully health tested with the results posted openly on OFA.  The number of litters produced here at Anutta are extremely limited, so be patient if you are seeking a new puppy.  Rest assured, it will be worth the wait!

When people ask what makes us different from other breeders, our motto is “lifetime support.”  Becky has been actively training and/or teaching obedience for the last 20 years.  She has competed in agility, rally, conformation, and lure coursing and trained one Standard Poodle as a search and rescue dog.  You will have ‘tech support’ for all those young puppy issues that might crop up over the first year.

As breeders, we feel it is essential to support rescue.  Occasionally a Standard Poodle or mixed Poodle will find their way to us for training, health care, and placement.  Thankfully our services are not needed often, but it does happen.  Watch for blog updates or new postings on the Available page when a rescue is needing a new home.

As far as our own breeding dogs we allow most of them to live with other people, so they are kept in a home with only a few other dogs.  For this reason we rarely have adults to retire.  When the Poodles are finished adding to the next generation, their human mom’s or dad’s have them spayed/neutered with nothing else required.


Anutta Poodles is currently located in San Antonio, Texas.  San Antonio is conveniently located 2 hours south of Austin, Texas; 3 hours north of Corpus Christi, Texas; 3 hours west of Houston, Texas; and 5 hours south of Dallas, Texas.  Combine your next vacation with sweet puppy selection!

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