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    I am Becky Baxter founder of Anutta Standard Poodles currently located in Huntsville, Alabama. We are military, so we move often. Our Standards are more than just Poodles, they are working dogs. We compete in conformation, obedience, agility, rally and best of all therapy. I think one of the most rewarding things a breeder can do is place a puppy in a home that is interested in doing therapy work. Our dogs love people and this is an excellent way to give back to the community. Our poodles are bred to be stable, loving, and gentle dogs. Most litters produce a nice mix of laid back pets and moderate to high end working dogs. Occasionally we have a litter of top working dogs with excellent working background. These litters are usually bred on request or when we are seeking a new personal working dog for ourselves.

    If you think you are interested in a puppy, contact me. It is highly unlikely that I will have a litter when you are looking for that next family member, we breed rarely. However you are welcome to get on my waiting list and I will do my best to find a suitable family member for your home and lifestyle. As a trainer and knowledgeable temperament tester, I do my best to match your needs.

    Occasionally we have an adult dog who needs a new home. This is a rare event and you will need exceptional timing to get one of these wonderful dogs.

    Huntsville, Alabama is located 2 hours south of Nashville, TN; 2 hours north of Birmingham, AL; 3 hours northwest of Atlanta, GA; 2 hours west of Chattanooga, TN; 4 hours east of Memphis, TN. We are moving summer of 2017 back to San Antonio, TX. For now, we will continue to enjoy the beauty of north Alabama.

  • We support OFA health testing

Kelsey sent me these photos a few days ago, but I have been a slacker at finding the time to get a new post made.  Sorry about that, eager new puppy buyers!  I will endeavor to do better.   The pups are growing like weeds, very round and fat for their age.  We are very pleased with their development.  Next week we should see some eyes starting to open!!

The Boys!







The Girls!!