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About Anutta Poodles


When you go shopping for your next "Baby" you must decide what you want from that puppy as well as how much support you want from the breeder.  There is every level of breeder out there, and it is up to you to decide what is best for your goals.

What I try to provide is an entire package. I want a poodle who looks good so most of my dogs go back to conformation show lines. I want a poodle who is healthy so I health tested my dogs, and try to stay with lines with many health tested dogs behind them.  Again this leave mostly conformation lines.  Does this make my dogs healthier than someone else's? Not necessarily, but it gives me more information to work with. I will not know if any breeding was a success until those pups are 10-15 years old.  If any breeder tells you their "Line" does not have health issues they are not telling you the truth.  I am open about what problem I have found in the past and require anyone getting one of my dogs keep me informed of any health issues that might occur in the future.

I only have one litter at a time, so I know each pup's manners, likes, dislikes, similarities, and differences as compared to each other and with the parents. I also temperament test them at 7 weeks of age.  This gives me an edge in finding the right home for that pup. You see, I do rescue as well, and my goal is to find the right home so my pups do not have to go through the trauma of re-homing later in life.  Everyone is much happier when the right match is made the first time!

All of my dogs are housedogs or they live with others who also keep them as beloved pets first and foremost. They are not kenneled, they are not tossed into the back yard.  We know the good, bad, and ugly about our dogs.  Do they like to chase squirrels (thus having a high prey drive)?  Are they avid retrievers or would they rather sleep on the couch?

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