VIDEO: Jazz and River pups move to larger pen

I wrote this blog post a few days ago, but was unable to post due to an emergency trip home to Arkansas this weekend.  I have an extremely ill family member who took a sharp turn for the worst on Friday.  Without going into details, we decided it was important to make long drive home for a short (I mean a few hours at most) visit.  We have arrived back in TX safe, though we are exhausted.  The pups weathered the trip like champs.  They didn’t poop once in the airline crate and we stopped several times to eat and potty on the drive.  It is 8 hours there and back, so you could say they are seasoned travelers at 4 weeks of age.

I had to cancel two visits for this weekend.  Hopefully I will be able to squeeze everyone in this next weekend, barring any farther need to go home.   If you can visit during the week, that would be great.  Just send me an email and let me know what will work and please bare with me if I have to cancel your visit last minute for another trip back home.


Wow, can you believe it has already been 4 weeks?  I can’t.   Maybe it is the exhaustion, but time is flying by.  Jazz reminded me yesterday that it is TIME TO WEAN THE PUPPIES!!, and yes she did it in all caps and explanation points.  There are tiny teeth, sharp nails, and sleeping in the living room is for the birds!!  So here we are, moving from Jazz providing meals and clean up to me providing meals and clean up.   Because of the size of this litter, I have decided to increase the size of their pen.  Usually, with a litter of 4-6 pups I unstack a extra large airline crate, put paper in one side, bedding in the other, zip tie them together, put an ex-pen around and call it done.  I let them use that for a week until they are good at going to the potty side to potty and then increase their pen.  However, this litter is over twice the size of Zelda’s litter last year.  I could do two airline crates, but I do not want to split the litter into two groups.  They need to be together in my mind.

Here is a video of the move.



I’m going to be feeding them often, waking them up to go pee, playing with them in the ‘play’ area until they understand the difference.  Poodles are smart, it shouldn’t take them long.


Tiffany - December 16, 2013 - 7:39 pm

Oh so precious!! So excited to meet/see them over Christmas!! Fun to see River wanting to play. :)

Julie - December 17, 2013 - 1:00 pm

So sorry to hear about your sick family member. :-( I am glad that you made the trip there and back safely.

The puppies are of course adorable!

Mica Update

We have had our BIG Silver girl for a month.  On Tuesday, Heather drove up from San Antonio with Quincy to meet Mica and take her home.  I had really planned on keeping Mica here longer, but I am just not getting her out enough during this critical socialization time.  During the 12-16 week period it is extremely important to get out with the dogs, get them in class, and set the stage for future eventing if you plan on doing anything with your dog in the show ring.  Part of being a responsible pet owner is knowing when you are over extended and not becoming one of those breeders who let things slide for selfish reasons.  We LOVE Mica here, Kenzie was not happy she was leaving, but it was the right choice for everyone.  Plus I trust Heather to do an awesome job.

Heather has an obedience show with Quincy down in Corpus in January.  Mica will benefit from going for  the socialization, even though she is to young to show.  I cannot attend, because that is the weekend the babies are leaving for their new homes.   Heather and I will meet back up at the UKC shows in Hutto the last weekend of January.  I’ll be showing Lina and we want to enter Mica in the baby puppy class for experience.  I already miss her, but after speaking with Heather today, I know it was the best choice.  They visited tractor supply yesterday and today she gets to see the vet for her booster.  Hopefully she will be starting class really soon.  She has some fear issues with strange dogs we need to work though.  Already she and Quincy are fast friends.

Here are some photos Heather and I took before she left.

I couldn’t be the breeder I am without my extended network of foster families who do things like this to help me out.  Thank you Heather for taking on this girl during our time of need!  This will teach me to get a Mini, put a deposit down on a Standard Poodle puppy and then think “Hey, I should really just go ahead and breed Jazz and River now.  The timing is good, I mean how bad can it be??”  My friend and fellow breeder Kelsey said I was destined to have that huge litter as soon as I decided on the two new pups.



julie - December 13, 2013 - 3:59 pm

She has such a pretty face. I love her eyebrows!

Becky - December 13, 2013 - 4:24 pm

Thank you Julie! The silvers are a photographers dream. :)

Sandy Tate - December 14, 2013 - 2:10 am

Oh my goodness, she’s gorgeous! I just decided I could definitely have another silver pup. I would just want him/her to be a light silver not a dark one. :) So beautiful. NOT that I don’t love my dark one but I would just want something different.

BTW, Becky, I never heard from those people you said might contact me to come look at Kipper. FYI.


Video: Infant Puppy Socialization with People

An important aspect of raising mentally stable puppies is to teach them people are wonderful.  Here is a video of ‘feeding time’.  I don’t sit in there with Jazz every feeding (much to her annoyance), but at least 3 times a day I do.  My daughter is always willing to help and my son helps when he isn’t otherwise occupied. :)

I’m officially opening up visitation starting this weekend.  If you are within an easy drive, plan a trip our way over the next month.  This weekend, next weekend, and the weeks during the holidays when the kids are off would all be great for cute little puppy kisses. Adopting families get priority for visitation.  Contact me to schedule your visit and come cuddle a baby!


Heather Pressgrove - December 10, 2013 - 7:34 pm

Wish I lived closer! Give them an extra cuddle from me.

Tiffany - December 11, 2013 - 8:31 am

In LOVE!!! Expect lots of visits from me! I’ll be in Killeen all through the holidays!

Black Male puppy in Colorado needs home!

I have been chatting with a lovely breeder in Colorado for a few weeks.  Her name is Sandra Stuerke and she seems wonderful.  She only breeds rarely, I believe this is only her second litter, so she doesn’t maintain a website and have a network of puppy buyers like me.  I’m always looking for good breeders to send people to, especially in locations where I have previously lived and have a lot of puppy owners.  My wonderful puppy owners refer folks to me and most of the time I do not have any babies.  Anyway, Sandra contacted me because Robin, who has Lapa from a previous litter of ours, trains with her.  Robin knows I have families who follow this blog looking for awesome dogs and Sandra has one puppy left from her last litter that she needs a great home for.  Here is some information about this boy, his parents, and the type of home Sandra is looking to adopt him.

“Lincoln” was born Sept 3rd, so he is 12 weeks old.  Here is the information Sandra sent me about Lincoln.

“Lincoln” as I call Pup #1 is an absolutely delightful boy.  He learns faster than all of his litter mates, he solicits attention from me more than the other pups, is goofy, fun, plays with his mom and is very handsome.   He has been introduced to agility tunnels and wobble boards and cant wait to get to them when he plays in the yard.  He has the potential to be a very good working dog and therapy dog.  Though definitely not limited to those.  I would love to see him in a performance sports.
He should excel as an only child or with an older “sibling”.  A companion home is fine, though I would love for him to have the opportunity to use his brain by either competing in dog sports , therapy work and/or training for fun!   Most importantly, he needs to be in a home that values the relationship and uses only positive methods of training.  His purchase price is $1500.00

I have the puppies’ mom, Truly, and grandmother, Evita, as well as a neutered male, Rhys. Truly is an AKC Champion, Ch. Sandu’s Truly A Slice Of Heaven and is working on her UKC Championship.  She has an agility title in UKC.  She will be starting her AKC agility career this year.  Her mother,  Evita, has her UKC Championship, earned 4 UKC agility titiles and 12 AKC agility titles!  The stud dog, George is Am., Br., Mx., Ch. Of Americas Ch. Ridgewood’s Shinig Star,  has 6 performance titles and his CGC.  He is living in Atlanta with his mom.   All of my poodles start their lives with me, by learning how to learn, using clicker training and being rewarded for good behaviors.

Ch. Ridgewood’s Shinig Star- SIRE

Ch. Sandu’s Truly A Slice Of Heaven – DAM

Lincoln- 8 weeks old.


Lincoln- 12 weeks old.  Handsome boy!

If you would like a Black male puppy from multi-titled parents who will be smart and stunning, talk to Sandra.  I’m thinking someone is going to get a great boy!!!  – Sandra’s email and the best way to contact her.




Moving Day! Jazz and River pups

It’s moving day!  We are now big and strong enough to leave the bedroom.  They can now see and hear, so it is important for them to be surrounded by lots of activity and noise.  I’ve moved them into the living room.  Here is a 6 minute video of the entire process.

Jazz is not going to be happy sleeping in the living room, but we all must make some sacrifices for the greater good!


Jill - December 6, 2013 - 3:46 pm

Wow! Those cuties look like so much work! The puppies are beautiful.

Teresa - December 6, 2013 - 10:43 pm

How Beautiful…cant wait