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Because I am not busy enough with finding a house in Alabama, getting my house ready to sell, getting ready to pick up the pups in North Carolina, and dealing with my mother’s recent illness… I decided to groom the dogs yesterday in hopes of getting some wildflower photos this morning.  The bluebonnets in Texas are amazing and I really haven’t utilized them in my photography much over the years.  Of course, with all that has been going on I was a little to late.  The bluebonnets hit their peak last week.  As I was driving around this morning looking for some options I stumbled upon a field of wildflowers and tall grass.  It looked like an interesting spot, so the dogs and I gave it a go.  Interestingly, it seems that bluebonnets do not have to be blue!  This field was mostly red bluebonnets, which seems like an oxymoron, but instead was a genetics experiment.  You can read all about the creation of this color variation here.

In any case, I did get a few notable photos of the crew in the red bluebonnets and tall grass on this very windy and cool Tuesday morning.  ENJOY!



  • Valerie B - Loved these photos, especially the ones where they are sniffing the flowers!
    Thanks for sharing, and the best of luck finding your new home.ReplyCancel

  • Marlane - Great family portraits! Your central Texas bluebonnets were much bigger than our west Texas ones…provided a really pretty backdrop.
    Looks like ‘lil Lina is fitting in well with her bigger cousins. Love the head shot of Jazz looking west (“Squirrel!”) and photo 7 almost shouts “Okay, Mom…can we leave now?”ReplyCancel

  • Becky - River and Jazz think big fields of flowers are for RUNNING and PLAYING, not sitting and watching mom. That is why I included that last photo. Summed up their opinion of the entire event. They all enjoyed sniffing the flowers for about 10 seconds. Then they were done.ReplyCancel

Things are starting to settle down around here, so I had time to get this blog updated.  Thank you Kelsey for the photos. :)One male puppy available from this litter!  If you think you might be interested in a blue or black puppy boy, please contact me for an application and more information.  These pups should be very calm, sweet, loving adults when they mature.  Both parents are great dogs.  Perfect for therapy, light performance events, service, and normal family activities.  Very mentally stable pups and parents.   Puppy selection will take place at 7 weeks of age, so I do not know which of the males will be up for adoption, but only a few short weeks will let us know.   PURCHASE PRICE $1600.00 limited AKC registration.

Aragorn ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Arwen ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Elrond ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Eowen ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mithrandir ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Shadowfax ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I will be driving to North Carolina to pick up these pups on the 16th of May.  Only a few weeks left to wait!  Puppies can start going to their new homes Memorial Weekend!  A perfect long weekend to get your pup settled in and ready for their new life in your home.


We decided to breed Ziva to Jordan (Ch Calisun Aris Satisfaction Guaranteed).  Jordan is our Sirius’ sire.  Gloria and Kelsey loved what he produced with their girl Kachina and we are happy with the COI being below 5% at 12 generations.

Ziva is a lovely BLUE girl
Jordan is a stunning black boy.
Colors will be Blacks and Blues.  We expect these babies to be on the calmer side.  They would make great pets, light performance prospects, and amazing therapy dogs.   Both dogs are striking.  Jordan is a large male and Ziva is a small female.  Because this is Ziva’s first litter, I have no idea what sizes we will end up having once they mature.  I fully believe it will be a mix, simply because the breeding is an out cross.  We should get large, small, and everything in between!   If you are set on having a specific size, this is probably not the best litter for your needs.  If you are open to whatever size poodle, as long as it has an amazing stable temperament, send me an email and ask for an application.
The pups will be whelped and raised by Ziva’s breeder and co-owner Kelsey Wolf of Tintlet Standard Poodles in North Carolina.  I trust Kelsey fully.   Gloria and Kelsey whelped and raised my Jazz and if you have had the pleasure of meeting Jazz, you know she was socialized properly.  Jazz does not know the concept of stranger. Pet Puppies will be sold for $1,600.00 (one thousand six hundred.  The font is hard to read).   I will be driving to North Carolina to pick up ALL the pet puppies from this litter at 7 weeks of age for placement here in TX.  Kelsey will keep one puppy for herself.  I plan to foster one puppy here in TX.    I will be taking applications for anyone interested in this litter.  EMAIL me for an application.

The COI (Coefficient of Inbreeding) is calculated up to a maximum of 12 generations. 10-generation COI 2.68%

12-generation COI 4.86%

Top 5 ancestors contributing to COI, in order of influence: AM CH Haus Brau Executive Of Acadia TP 0.64% AM CH Signature On File At Pinafore TP 0.38% AM CH Eaton Affirmed TP 0.31% AM CH Dassin Debauchery 0.25% AM CH Pinafore President 0.24%


A photo of Sirius with getting his last AKC Championship win.

Last weekend Gloria took a few dogs to a local UKC show while Kelsey puppy sat.  Our boy Sirius picked up his UKC Championship!!  Sirius ( AKC CH Tintlet Anutta Secret Keeper) was best of breed and group 2 at three shows!  Not to bad.  He has now lost his lovely locks and sporting a full body shave down, ears and all!  Kelsey says he is LOVING the new do.


Sadly, there are not any photos of him shaved down, because Kelsey hates posting naked photos of the dogs.  She is a groomer 100%!  Don’t worry, once I get him there will be plenty of non-professionally groomed photos for you all to enjoy. :)  Speaking of which, Kelsey and I spoke and she is going to keep Sirius until after my move.  Once we get settled in Huntsville, I’ll drive over and pick him up.  He will only be 4 hours away and it will make getting him settled in with my pack that much easier especially if I decide to spend a month with my sister while my house is on the market in TX.   Thank you, Kelsey!!  You are a lifesaver!


I’ve delayed making this post for a few weeks, because I wanted ‘official’ word from Keith’s chain of command that this information was indeed true.  You see sometimes a military solider is told “You are moving”, only to find out “Oops, no the commander has decided you cannot move, you are vital”.   While we do not have orders in hand, we have confirmed this move is absolutely going to happen this summer.

Where are we moving?  We are moving back to Huntsville, Alabama!!  This is exciting for many reasons, some of which are:

1.  We have lived there before and loved it.
2.  We still have a lot of friends in Huntsville.
3.  We will be only 4 hours from Gloria and Kesley of Tintlet Poodles in North Carolina.
4.  There are dog training opportunities in Huntsville that I do not have here in Killeen, TX.
5.  There are dog shows year round within 2-4 hours drive, both AKC and UKC shows.

How long will we be there?  This is a minimal two year tour.  It could be up to a year longer, but as little as two years.   We hope to return to Texas ( San Antonio to be specific) once his time in Huntsville is completed.

When is this happening? We hope to start moving mid July.

How will this effect the current litter with Ziva?  It does not directly effect this litter or how they are placed.   I would like to have all the pups picked up by their new homes by June 1st, so I can get my house listed for sale.  It is difficult to keep a house clean and ready to show with baby pups!!  I’m still picking up the litter from Kelsey mid May.  They are still all coming to Texas.  Nothing else is changing.

And because every blog post should have a photo, I snagged this off Kelsey’s Facebook page today to place in here.  Those babies are HUGE compared to their tiny Mom!!!

So there ya have it.  Huntsville, Alabama is conveniently located 2 hours south of Nashville, 2 hours north of Birmingham, 2 hours west of Chattanooga, 3 hours east of Memphis, 3 hours northwest of Atlanta.   If you are in the region and have always wanted an Anutta Poodle puppy, now is your chance!!

Ok, now I can go back to freaking out while I madly cleaning and repair my house.


I want to apologize for the lack of post.  Things are a bit crazy around here.  First, I wanted to share a short video of the pups Kelsey posted on Facebook a few days back.

Hopefully you can all view this video.  I asked Kelsey to make it public or post future video’s to You Tube so we do not have a conflict with those who are not members of Facebook.  I do utilize Facebook myself, but I understand those who feel it invades privacy and choose not to use the site.  YouTube is a better option in most cases, though it does create an extra step or two.
I’ve been out of town for the last 5 days.  My mother was hospitalized with pneumonia.  As most of you remember, my step dad passed away in January.  His downward spiral started about this time last year with a round of pneumonia.  Because of this, we decided it was extremely important to go into town and evaluate my mother in person.  There are some pretty serious things going on with her, we should know more details after some test later this week.  She is home for now and seems to be improving.
Kelsey has been supplying me some photos, but I had not had time to do much posting.  Here are some cute pictures for your enjoyment.
First face shave has happened, some with greater success than others. :)  Young babies can be pretty wiggly!!
I’m going to make a few post this week detailing what is going to be happening over the next few months.  Plus we have a few brags to share!  Lots happening around here, so much so I am starting to freak out a little!!
  • Marlane - I just want to reach right into the screen and rub those little tummies! Is it possible to squeal online!!! :) ReplyCancel