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Photography tips: Rule of Thirds

I know I was going to wait a few weeks to start this series, but I just couldn’t stand it.  I needed a break from cleaning /View full post »


How many of you would like some tips on taking better photos of your own dogs?  I’m going to be in limbo for about a month startingView full post »

Videos: Ziva and Jordan pups- 7.5 weeks

Here are a couple of fun video’s of the babies. First one is with them socializing a bit with Jazz, River, and Lina. The second isView full post »

Video: Ziva and Jordan pups training

I made a short video of each puppy doing some very basic training to help each home better understand the pups temperaments and what I seeView full post »

Ziva and Jordan puppies have arrived in TX!

The puppies are here, the puppies are here!!  It was a long and grueling week of house hunting and travel.  We arrived in Arkansas on theView full post »

Cadence Update: Jazz and River pup

As part of my mad dash to get everything done before I leave Texas,  I made the drive down to Austin to grab some photos of Cadence.  SheView full post »

VIDEO: Ziva and Jordan pups 5 weeks old

Here are a couple really short video’s Kelsey took this weekend.  The pups were in a new area, waiting to go on a car ride toView full post »

Dylan Update

ANUTTA BLOWIN’ IN THE WIND (River x Jazz puppy.  6 months old) About a month ago I placed Dylan in a foster home near Austin on aView full post »